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Title Published Date
La Universidad de Cantabria incorpora al investigador Leonardo Scarabelli, que ha obtenido una Starting Grant del Consejo Europeo de Investigación 19 January 2024
El proyecto europeo Nextgem estudia los campos electromagnéticos de radiofrecuencia en relación con la salud 04 December 2023
ICMAB researcher Judith Guasch obtains "la Caixa" Foundation funding to advance in hydrogels for cancer research 17 October 2023
Leonardo Scarabelli receives ERC Starting Grant for NANOGROWDIRECT 05 September 2023
ICMAB researchers receive two ERC Proof of Concept grants to advance in organic electronics and wireless communications 28 July 2023
Dean Kos, MSCA fellow working on charge traps in organic semiconductors 29 June 2023
Alexandre Ponrouch wins an ERC Consolidator Grant to develop safe and energy dense multi-metal anode batteries 07 June 2023
13 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral positions in the first DocFam+ call 15 May 2023
New project on organic photovoltaics on Barcelona's bus stops 24 March 2023
Four new MSCA Doctoral Network (DN) projects flying to ICMAB 23 March 2023
UAB Master's Degree in Health and Science Management - interested? 20 March 2023
Three new MSCA PF will continue their research carrer at ICMAB 03 March 2023
MaX project develops advanced simulation software for powerful supercomputers 27 February 2023
New electron microscope centre to advance in research into structural biology and new materials 24 February 2023
SYNATRA, new project on organic solar cells for transparent agrivoltaics 01 February 2023
New European Project NABIHEAL in biomaterials for complex wound healing 16 January 2023
New EIC-Pathfinder SynEry Project to create artificial blood 10 January 2023
Two innovative LLAVOR (AGAUR) projects at ICMAB 16 November 2022
Four PRODUCTE (AGAUR) projects for the valorization of research results 11 November 2022
DOCFAM+: New MSCA-COFUND doctoral programme led by ICMAB-CSIC to train 26 young researchers 25 October 2022
CLUE-H: A cluster of 4 Horizon Europe projects to assess exposure and risks of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMF), including 5G 24 October 2022
Two ICMAB researchers awarded with ERC Proof of Concept grants to advance in cancer treatments and smart packaging 06 September 2022
ICMAB participates in the new NextGEM European project to investigate new generation electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure and possible health effects 31 August 2022
New ERC PoC to upscale the manufacturing process of colloidal inks for superconducting materials 24 May 2022
Kickoff meeting of the European DYNAMO project in Castelló 10 May 2022
ICMAB researchers perform the first experiments in the new NOTOS beamline at ALBA synchrotron 04 May 2022
ICMAB debuts in the "Science by Women" program in its 7th edition 23 March 2022
Ten Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects (FIP) granted in the 2nd call of the SO FUNFUTURE  17 March 2022
Test bench at ALBA Synchrotron for green energy applications within the CSIC PTI+ TransEner 07 March 2022
The MetaMagIC project kicks off, coordinated by ICMAB Researchers 10 February 2022
The ESTORE project aims to innovate the energy storage in supercapacitors 20 January 2022
StoRIES: a new European network for Energy Storage research and training 10 January 2022
ICMAB researchers granted with 6 Proof-of-Concept projects in the last AEI call 01 December 2021
Seven Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects (FIP) granted within the Severo Ochoa FUNFUTURE Programme 15 April 2021
A new european infrastructure will facilitate the transfer of nano-pharmaceuticals from the lab to the clinic 25 March 2021
Unit U6 NANBIOSIS at ICMAB acquires new equipment for the characterization of nanomaterials with ERDF funds 22 March 2021
ICMAB participates in the LiOn-HD project to improve Lithium Ion Batteries 17 March 2021
ICMAB joins StoRIES, a pan-European project to build up a unique Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System 04 March 2021
Four new postdoctoral MSCA-IF fellows will continue their research career at ICMAB 17 February 2021
A new mentoring programme for PhD fellows kicks in at ICMAB! 08 February 2021
Three ICMAB research projects receive an i-Link+ grant for international collaborations 17 January 2021
ICMAB is partner organization of CRAG's AGenT COFUND Postdoctoral Programme 07 December 2020
Open Call: the DESTINY COFUND Programme will train 50 young researchers to become future leaders in the battery field 01 December 2020
New NFFA-Europe project to continue offering access to nanoscience research infrastructures 13 November 2020
Mariona Coll and Ignasi Fina awarded with a Leonardo Grant (BBVA) to develop innovative and sustainable scientific projects 14 October 2020
A project on targeted Quatsomes for neuroblastoma therapy selected for the CIBER-BBN Valorization 2020 Program 28 September 2020
New MSCA-ITN International Doctoral Programme on Thermoelectrics with the participation of the ICMAB 14 September 2020
The ICMAB receives one ERC Starting Grant researcher who will explore magnetic insulators for future spintronics 03 September 2020
The ICMAB receives one ERC Proof of Concept grant to develop organic thermoelectric based self-powered sensors 28 July 2020
Round Two of the "Matheroes" project, granted in the FECYT 2019 call for the promotion of science culture 24 July 2020
Meet the Early Stage Researchers of the SEPOMO MSCA-ITN project 09 July 2020
The rechargeable zinc-air batteries project featured in R+D CSIC 07 July 2020
SUMAN group joins European COST Action “High Temperature SuperConductivity for AcceLerating the Energy Transition” (HiSCALE) 06 July 2020
The ICMAB participates in the EU's most ambitious battery research project: BIG-MAP 26 June 2020
Four ICMAB groups join XRE4S, a network for energy technology transference 21 May 2020
A biotech project from the Nanomol group selected for the Barcelona Activa "Preacceleration" Program 30 April 2020
Three innovative LLAVOR projects awarded to the ICMAB! 24 March 2020
The ICMAB participates on FusionCAT, a new RIS3CAT project 03 February 2020
The project "The energy of the future: from the lab to the classroom" has been awarded with a FGCSIC "Cuenta la Ciencia" grant 23 December 2019
Smart-4-Fabry EU project: a project on the Fabry rare disease for "La Marató de TV3" 13 December 2019
Susagna Ricart participates in a project that unites Art and Science: NANOCAEDRE 09 December 2019
SENSORAÏM: the new PRODUCTE (AGAUR, FEDER) project on organic thermoelectric sensors to monitor vineyards 03 July 2019
The Ramón Areces Foundation finances a research project on cellular regenerative therapy to fight sepsis 10 May 2019
New collaborative project between the MULFOX group and MIT, funded by “la Caixa” Foundation 09 January 2018