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Title Published Date
CSIC presents a new catalogue with its 100 technologies with the greatest commercial potential 29 April 2024
Nova convocatòria COCREA del CSIC 16 April 2024
LabsinLove SL, the new ICMAB-CSIC spin off, will push Boron Neutron Cancer Therapy (BNCT) to the next step 19 March 2024
The ICMAB joins the UAB Innovation Week (16-20 October) 28 September 2023
ICMAB will participate in Cluster MAV's NanoDAY conference on 9 October 21 September 2023
Three ICMAB projects at the final of the CSIC Hackaton (EBTon) 11 July 2023
And the EmErgEnt winner is... SOLS: Accelerator of photovoltaic technologies 21 June 2023
ICMAB at Expoquimia and Equiplast 2023: join the event from 30 May to 2 June 25 May 2023
Trends and opportunities of Printed Electronics presented at Cluster MAV 17 May 2023
A unique NMR infrastructure in Europe at the UB with new superconducting technology 14 March 2023
Two innovations from ICMAB at Foro Transfiere 2023: hydrogels for cell culture and sensor to measure water pollutants 20 February 2023
Apply by 28 Feb 2023 for funded services in nanopharmaceutical development within the PHOENIX-OITB project 13 February 2023
New Proof of Concept Training Program for ICMAB researchers 23 January 2023
Electrochemical sensor to detect water pollutants in situ 01 December 2022
New technology to measure thermal conductivity 28 November 2022
Four PRODUCTE (AGAUR) projects for the valorization of research results 11 November 2022
PUZZLE X: Frontier Materials in Barcelona on 15-17 Nov 2022 03 November 2022
ICMAB at the first TECNIO Congress: technology transfer to generate high-impact innovation 02 November 2022
The Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group: "Collaborator of the year" of the Barraquer Institute 10 October 2022
Molecular Gate SL in Farmespaña Industrial 21 September 2022
Ángel Pérez will participate at the next edition of the FGCSIC COMTE-Innovation program 22 August 2022
Analysing water pollutants in situ and with a mobile phone 27 June 2022
The Clúster MAV event on micro- and nanomaterials gathers ICMAB, ICN2 and IMB-CNM researchers 01 April 2022
Molecular Gate S.L., new ICMAB-CSIC and BeAble Capital spin-off, offers a transformative technology to ensure the authenticity of pharmaceutical products 17 March 2022
A new technology to manufacture superconductors will enter the Lab to Market (L2M) XRE4S program 16 March 2022
The micro and nano worlds: ClústerMAV event at ICMAB 28 February 2022
Two new laser techniques to make hybrid electrodes at Transfiere 2022 14 February 2022
ICMAB among the "Energy for Society" network technologies portfolio 07 January 2022
ICMAB researchers granted with 6 Proof-of-Concept projects in the last AEI call 01 December 2021
Expoquimia 2021 is right around the corner! Join the event on 14-17 September 01 September 2021
New at NANBIOSIS: Cutting-edge biomedical solutions 10 August 2021
ICMAB patent to obtain a flexible electrode receives a second Gold Medal at INVENTICA 2021 27 July 2021
The Energy for Society Network (XRE4S) includes three ICMAB technologies in its portfolio  14 July 2021
The SCN2 organizes the 2021 Nanotechnology & Industry for PhD researchers day 08 June 2021
#MeetTheExpert: M. Rosa Palacín, Mariano Campoy-Quiles, Teresa Puig and José Giner develop energy technologies for society 27 May 2021
Technology transfer: training and mentoring to take your research to the market 29 March 2021
SUMAN group: "The Lab2Market XRE4S program is a great opportunity to bring our technology to the market" 01 March 2021
Open Innovation Forum continues to drive collaboration between companies and research arena 29 December 2020
UAB hosts the entrepreneurship program The Collider OnCampus Barcelona 2020 05 October 2020
ICMAB Researchers: a step forward towards Technology Transfer 29 September 2020
Nanomol Technologies will participate in a new Industrial Doctorate Project 22 September 2020
Nanotoxicity online conference by Materplat, Nanbiosis and Nanomed Spain on 22 Sept 2020 15 September 2020
3rd Edition of the MATERPLAT Young Innovators in Materials Awards 14 September 2020
New 3D printed hydrogels for T-cell growth to be used in cancer immunotherapy 31 August 2020
Participate in the first Virtual Disruptour Silicon Valley 28 August 2020
Expoquimia hosts Industrial Dialogues webinars joined by ICMAB researcher Nora Ventosa 31 July 2020
Second edition of COMTE-EBT by FGCSIC: A programme to promote spin offs by CSIC researchers 22 July 2020
Practical and versatile micro-patterning for organic electronics and photonics 17 July 2020
Open call for the "Ideas Generation" Program in Industrial Symbiosis 2020 18 June 2020
Four ICMAB groups join XRE4S, a network for energy technology transference 21 May 2020
The ICMAB will participate in the new edition of the Open Innovation Forum 2020 11 May 2020
The ICMAB is now a member of the innovation cluster SECPHO 11 May 2020
15 % of the CSIC European patents applied in 2019 are from the ICMAB 19 March 2020
Move your technology from lab to market with CRAASH BARCELONA 05 February 2020
New patent on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents based on organic metal-free dendrimers 29 January 2020
European companies and inventors file more patent applications in 2018. CSIC is number one in Spain. 21 May 2019
The ICMAB participates in the Open Innovation Forum 2019 03 April 2019
The European Union Innovation Radar selects one technology developed in the framework of a EU project led by ICMAB 26 February 2019
Review of technology transfer practices at ICMAB: assessing the potentials along selected value chains 25 April 2018
OCT 18, 2016: Seminar on Patents and Knowledge Assessment 15 September 2016