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Title Published Date
Dr. Lourdes Fàbrega gives a talk on the events for the 8th of March 06 March 2024
L´escola José Echegaray de Martorell presenta el programa MAGNET, en aliança amb l´ICMAB-CSIC, amb l´objectiu de promoure la ciència entre l´alumnat 22 January 2024
ICMAB researchers participate in the European Researchers Night 22 September 2023
"Organic Photovoltaics" is the topic of this year's "Connectem Recerca i Aula" initiative 19 May 2023
The 10alamenos9 Nanoscience Festival arrives at Campus UAB 28 April 2023
Happy Sant Jordi 2023! What books have ICMABers read and recommend this year? 20 April 2023
Talk in Manresa by Xavier Obradors on "Materials and sustainability" 31 March 2023
Open call of the 13th edition of INSPIRACIENCIA 2023 22 March 2023
On this 8M we received students aged 9-10 years old to learn about the properties of sand 10 March 2023
"Dijous de ciència i tecnologia a l'IEC: Bateries i materials" 07 February 2023
#CientífKsEnJoc: video game about energy with M. Rosa Palacín 03 February 2023
Discovering the world of quatsomes by Anastasiya Syurzhyk Revo, a Joves i Ciència fellow 20 January 2023
How to implement the 10 Measures for LGTBQIA+ equality in Research Centers (by PRISMA) 06 December 2022
The "Bojos per la Física" did a session on Physics and Science Communication at ICMAB 11 October 2022
We had a great time at the European Researchers' Night 2022 06 October 2022
Welcome to the week of the European Researchers' Night in Catalunya! 27 September 2022
The project "YouMaker: this is how science is done" exceeds 50,000 impacts in its first year 15 September 2022
ICMAB Communication & Outreach Office is recognized as UCC+i by the FECYT 01 September 2022
ICMAB shares the "Connectem recerca i aula" experience in the Escolabers Meeting 2022 12 August 2022
"YouMaker: do’s and don’ts" will be presented at Campus Gutenberg-CosmoCaixa #CGutenberg22 01 August 2022
The winners of FOTICMAB 2022: rainbow, bridges and birds 06 July 2022
Nanoinventum 2022: nanotechnology in primary schools 30 June 2022
Antibiotic resistance talk at Barcelona Science Festival: 28 May 2022 23 May 2022
Great experience in bringing organic electronics to an Adult School with ESCOLAB 02 May 2022
Great experience at the Fira Recerca en Directe 2022 with C. elegans 02 May 2022
Happy Sant Jordi 2022! Find your next read thanks to the ICMAB staff! 22 April 2022
The ICMAB project YouMaker at EspaiCiència of the "Saló de l'Ensenyament" 2022 04 April 2022
Open call of the 12th edition of INSPIRACIENCIA 2022 31 March 2022
Madame Châtelet performance at the NeuroArt Festival at CCCB 18 March 2022
Xavier Obradors at the 4YFN Frontier Tech Programme with Zina Jarrahi Cinker and John Hoffmann 25 February 2022
"Anyone can be a scientist, if they want to" #100tífiques 11 February 2022
MATERLAND invites you to participate in an interactive game for 11F 08 February 2022
"Descobreix les propietats dels materials", "Matheroes" and "Ciència en femení" from ICMAB in Sant Celoni 03 February 2022
Escolab meets ICMAB research in organic solar cells 13 January 2022
In the last "Bojos per la Física" at ICMAB students could learn about magnetism and piezoelectricity 11 January 2022
Joves i Ciència programme brings student Jana Arroyo to ICMAB 14 December 2021
"Levitació quàntica amb materials superconductors" in Sant Celoni 22 November 2021
#MinerMat2021: Minerals, materials, environment and sustainable development within Expominer 12 November 2021
"YouMaker: this is how we make science" is presented at the VI Annual Nanodivulgation Meeting 09 November 2021
The European Researcher’s Night is back – and with presential activities! 15 September 2021
Plasmons to harness typically wasted infrared solar light 04 August 2021
CRYSTALMATCH 2021: And the winner of the 1st ICMAB crystallization contest is… 28 July 2021
FOTICMAB 2021: And the winner is… 16 July 2021
An evening of science! ICMAB at the Festa de la Ciència 2021 15 June 2021
A possible new world for antibiotics: boron salts against antimicrobial resistance 09 June 2021
FOTICMAB 2021: the ICMAB multimedia contest is open! 02 June 2021
Magnetic nanoparticles to face cancer: David against Goliath 31 May 2021
Minerals properties, energy transition, and more! Join ICMAB at the Barcelona Festa de la Ciència 27 May 2021
Nanovesicles for the treatment of complex wounds: the revolution of nanomedicine 21 May 2021
The Matheroes arrive to Zaragoza! 12 May 2021
More than 600 students at the 2021 #10alamenos9 Festival from the UAB Campus 04 May 2021
The XI edition of the CSIC Inspiraciencia short stories contest is now open! 12 April 2021
22 April 2021: 10alamenos9 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Festival from UAB Campus 09 April 2021
Nanoinventum asks children to create nanorobots and enjoy science 31 March 2021
The "Matheroes" project selected as an innovative action by FECYT 22 February 2021
High participation in the initiative "Draw a women scientist" for #11F2021 12 February 2021
The exhibition "Científiques Catalanes 2.0" is this January 2021 at ICMAB 11 January 2021
More than 500 students discover the ICMAB sustainable materials for energy 08 January 2021
Matheroes for Christmas: Exhibition and Virtual Escape 18 December 2020
Great success of the 1st Online Edition of Expominer 2020 03 December 2020
Concepció Rovira gives a talk on the future of "Molecular Electronics" at IEC 30 November 2020
Judith Guasch talks about biomimetics and cancer immunotheraphy in CosmoCaixa Live Talks 25 November 2020
#MinerMat2020 - Expominer becomes virtual: Minerals, materials, environment and sustainable development talks and workshops 09 November 2020
Setmana de la Ciència 2020: Participate in the Science Week 2020 with the ICMAB! #SC20CAT 27 October 2020
Participate in the Matheroes Virtual Escape to help them achieve the SDGs 22 October 2020
Enric Canadell will give the welcoming speech at the RACAB on 22 Oct 2020 19 October 2020
Happy Nanotechnology Day 2020 with a video of our TEM and SEM! 09 October 2020
25 students at the first "Bojos per la Física" online session at ICMAB 15 June 2020
"It's a privilege" Stefania Sandoval's experience participating in "Somos Científicos y Científicas, sácanos de aquí" 2020 08 June 2020
The Science Week brings 185 students aged 12-16 years to discover the new materials of the ICMAB! 11 November 2019
Setmana de la Ciència 2019: Participate in the Science Week 2019 with the ICMAB! #SC19 08 November 2019
Martí Gibert participates in the "Science Truck" YouTube program about nanoscience and nanotechnology! 08 November 2019
Elies Molins on a "Porous Materials" scientific tour around Chile 06 November 2019
A new Helium Liquefier has entered the ICMAB "We will be able to satisfy between 90-95 % of our Helium needs" 24 October 2019
Cluster MAV Nanotechnology Day: Success Stories + NanoHUB Presentation 09 October 2019
The Matheroes and Madame Châtelet at the Congreso de Comunicación Social de la Ciencia 09 October 2019
The Matheroes exhibition at the Biblioteca Vapor Badia (Sabadell) 07 October 2019
Dolores Bueno in “Naukas” with the “Show your rare!” talk 19 September 2019
The exhibition "Energía: origen y final del todo" is now online! 17 July 2019
Energy Mining in the 21st century with Mariano Campoy-Quiles at CCCB 12 July 2019
The challenges of the electric car, debated in a conference in Madrid with M. Rosa Palacín 11 July 2019
Six students spend three weeks at the ICMAB thanks to the UAB Argó Program 25 June 2019
Roundtable in Vil·la Urània: The energy of the future or the future of energy 19 June 2019
Session “How the ALBA Synchrotron aids quantum information” at CCCB with, Gervasi Herranz 12 June 2019
The "Bojos per la Física" come to the ICMAB to discover piezoelectricity and molecular simulation! 08 June 2019
“Som Elèctrics! Transició energètica i mobilitat elèctrica” with M. Rosa Palacín 06 June 2019
“Madame Châtelet” dramatized reading will open the Alumni UB conference cycle on women of science 29 April 2019
Celebrating Sant Jordi 2019 at ICMAB with a book exchange and new bookmarks! 23 April 2019
The new edition of the photo and video contest FOTICMAB 2019 is now open! 15 April 2019
Ferran Macià participates in "Somos Científicos" 2019 in the #ZonaCSIC 01 April 2019
ICMAB nanomaterials and minerals at the TV children's show "Catakrac" from Betevé 31 March 2019
The #Matheroes project presented in the Ponent Library in Sabadell to 50 students 29 March 2019
José Vidal participates at the "V Scientific Day" at the INS Mercè Rodoreda 15 March 2019