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Title Published Date
Entrevista a Jaume Veciana a Catalunya Ràdio 20 November 2023
The students of the José Echegaray School interview the Chemistry Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart 19 June 2023
Amanda Muñoz-Juan visits the President of La Rioja and is interviewed in the radio about her research 20 April 2023
SYNATRA, new project on organic solar cells for transparent agrivoltaics 01 February 2023
Battery Generation Podcast on "Multivalent Batteries" 14 November 2022
Present and future of the batteries with M. Rosa Palacín in Canal Extremadura 08 November 2022
Molecular Gate in RNE "A hombros de gigantes" 29 April 2022
"Els bons bacteris" with Irene Anton at Sayansi Podcast 06 April 2022
#MinerMat2021: Minerals, materials, environment and sustainable development within Expominer 12 November 2021
Sebastián Reparaz in the Radio "Principio de Incertidumbre: Ondas de calor" 28 October 2021
"Observación inesperada de ondas térmicas en Germanio" en Ágora, con Sebastián Reparaz 08 July 2021
Oxidation processes at the surface of BaTiO3 thin films under environmental conditions 02 July 2021
Thermal waves observed in semiconductor materials 30 June 2021
Getting ready for the Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference 2021 29 June 2021
Sergi Riera-Galindo returns to ICMAB with a Beatriu de Pinós grant 25 June 2021
Rosa M. Palacín a #CiènciaEnFemení a Ràdio Cambrils 07 May 2021
A device monitoring heart failure from saliva co-developed by ICMAB and IMB-CNM researchers 06 May 2021
Trigo Ramon, Albert 26 March 2021
Anna Laromaine in Màtrix, Ràdio Olot 12 March 2021
The Matilda effect in the Catalunya Radio Programme "Les dones i els dies" 09 February 2021
Enhanced Directional Light Extraction from Patterned Rare‐Earth Phosphor Films 09 February 2021
Mariona Coll in Ràdio Sabadell talking about new materials for solar energy 12 January 2021
Judith Guasch in Onda Cero Radio: mimicking lymph-nodes to proliferate T cells 09 December 2020
Judith Guasch talks about T cell growth-inducing 3D hydrogels on RNE 14 September 2020
Judith Guasch talks about T cell growth-inducing 3D hydrogels on RNE 14 September 2020
José Vidal-Gancedo talks about COVID-19 and temperature on RAC1 11 May 2020
Ignasi Fina interviewed at "La Buena Tarde" in Radio Asturias 27 April 2020
Nora Ventosa at “La Nit dels Ignorants 3.0” in Catalunya Radio 22 April 2020
The FunNanosurf Group is looking for a Postdoctoral fellow to work with graphene-based nanodevices! 17 February 2020
Welcome Carles Guillén Almiñana at ICMAB! 13 February 2020
The exhibition "Científiques Catalanes 2.0" coordinated by the ACCC starts its tour on #11F2020 10 February 2020
Move your technology from lab to market with CRAASH BARCELONA 05 February 2020
A year in review: ICMAB Top 10 Journals of 2019 31 December 2019
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019: a close look from an ICMAB point of view (by M. Rosa Palacín and Josep Fontcuberta) 10 October 2019
Welcome Clemens Lindermeir at ICMAB! 09 September 2019
Teresa Puig in "Hablando con Científicos" radio programme talking about her new ERC PoC on superconductors 22 August 2019
Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at ICMAB 11 February 2019
"Escletxes per incloure la dona en la ciència": Madame Châtelet in "Núvol" 07 January 2019
The new IEC members, including Nora Ventosa, invited to "El matí de Catalunya Ràdio" 19 December 2018
MIT-Spain grant for ICMAB project: new materials for photovoltaics 19 April 2018
The superconducting materials of the EUROTAPES European project at Catalunya Informació 05 December 2017
Interview to Mariano Campoy-Quiles in Radio Efervescencia 05 May 2014