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Title Published Date
Marta Alcaina and Albert Rosado: Oral Talk/Poster Awards at the UAB XII Doctoral Workshop in Chemistry 2023 14 June 2023
Sole Roig awarded with the CSIC Relevant Doctoral Thesis Award 28 February 2023
"An eye-opening experience" at ACTIVE 2022 Severo Ochoa workshop 13 October 2022
What happens when the coronavirus touches your skin? New video by Marc Domingo! 30 May 2022
Adrián Tamayo Serra will defend his PhD Thesis on 3 June 2022 at 11 am 23 May 2022
Lídia Ballell awarded with the Best Symposium Talk at the SCQ Young Researchers Meeting 16 February 2022
Five UAB PhD Extraordinary Awards go to ICMAB graduates 17 January 2022
Alejandro De Sousa & Nerea González receive Best Poster Awards at ElecMol 2021 23 December 2021
Sohini Sinha, best Poster Prize at the UAB PhD in Chemistry Doctoral Workshop 2021 for her presentation on luminescent systems for imaging 03 June 2021
ERC 2021 Seminar – A new panel in PE domain: PE11-Materials Engineering 18 March 2021
"Nanocellulose patches to treat corneal wounds" NN group project finalist at Expoquimia 2020 27 November 2020
Lídia Ballell, Poster Prize at the SCN2 II Annual Conference of Nanomedicine 26 November 2020
Artur Romanov awarded at the Applied Superconducivity Conference 2020 10 November 2020
Open Call of the SCN2 Dresselhaus Awards for nanoscience and nanotechnology research projects 30 September 2020
Nanomol Technologies will participate in a new Industrial Doctorate Project 22 September 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Mayte Gómez Castaño! Our most recent ICMAB graduate! 21 September 2020
The JPhD2020 closes this edition having achieved the highest participation ever! 18 September 2020
Amanda Muñoz, Finalist in the Biorender Graphical Abstract 2020 Contest 01 July 2020
Best Poster Prize for Enrique Pascual at the #HOPV20 Online Conference 04 June 2020
Manuel Souto, honored with the European Award on Molecular Magnetism Doctoral Thesis 06 May 2020
PhD Extraordinary Awards go to four ICMAB Graduates 08 April 2020
PBSi 2019: International Conference on Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon 02 December 2019
Madrid, 29-31 JAN 2020: #NALS2020 2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials Applied to Life Sciences 19 November 2019
Martí Gibert: Poster Prize at the SCN2 First Annual Congress of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 16 November 2019
Pol Sallés will start his PhD at the ICMAB with a "la Caixa" INPhINIT Doctoral Fellowship 03 October 2019
The CSIC Annual Report 2018 is out! 16 July 2019
"Toda ciencia es abierta" by Alejandro Santos in the CSIC Library Network journal "Enredadera" 16 July 2019
An article about "Science Predators" at the CSIC blog "Ciencia para llevar" by Mariano Campoy-Quiles 27 June 2019
Judit Tomsen, PhD fellow at the Nanomol group, best oral presentation at European Student Colloid Conference (ESC) 2019 18 June 2019
The ICMAB at the 10th International Postgraduate and Continuous Training Forum #ForodePostgrado2019 28 March 2019
Published a review on thermoelectric materials, from the very beginning and to the future! 29 January 2019
The ICMAB congratulated for the participation at Expominer 2018 for all the workshops, Matheroes exhibiton and talks presented 20 November 2018
Little scientists for a day: great Kids' Day at ICMAB 2018! 14 September 2018
PhD Extraordinary award for three ICMAB graduates: Justo Cabrera, María de la Mata Fernández and Manuel Souto 08 August 2018
José Jurado, Milena Cervo and Jan Grzelak received their INPhINIT "la Caixa" fellowship at Caixaforum 04 July 2018
Five ICMAB graduates in Materials Science received the PhD Extraordinary Award 17 May 2018
Highschool students from Institut Castellbisbal visit ICMAB 19 January 2018
Ines Bennour 04 December 2017
10-12 NOV: EXPOMINER: Feel the energy of the earth... with us! 10 November 2017
IES Consell de Cent visits ICMAB: "Materials of the future for energy" thanks to ESCOLAB 13 October 2017
Watch the BRIDG3D video that brought Andrés Gómez and Guillermo de Andrés to the final of Ciencia en Acción 05 October 2017