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Title Published Date
ICMAB Participation in the 10alamenos9 Nanoscience Festival 25 April 2024
Alumnat de 4t curs del EUSS Enginyeria visiten l'ICMAB 13 November 2023
ICMAB hosted students from UAB's Argó Programme 2023 24 August 2023
Two students engaged in cutting-edge research projects at ICMAB through the "Joves i Ciència" Programme 07 August 2023
The students of the José Echegaray School interview the Chemistry Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart 19 June 2023
"Organic Photovoltaics" is the topic of this year's "Connectem Recerca i Aula" initiative 19 May 2023
The 10alamenos9 Nanoscience Festival arrives at Campus UAB 28 April 2023
The NanoInventum 2022 winner school visits the ICMAB and the ICN2 14 April 2023
On this 8M we received students aged 9-10 years old to learn about the properties of sand 10 March 2023
The "Bojos per la Física" did a session on Physics and Science Communication at ICMAB 11 October 2022
We receive the visit of S.A. Astatine students from the University of Twente 04 October 2022
Parliament and congress members visit the TECNIO centre at ICMAB 21 September 2022
ICMAB shares the "Connectem recerca i aula" experience in the Escolabers Meeting 2022 12 August 2022
July is the time for the "Joves i Ciència" internships at ICMAB 05 August 2022
Six students at ICMAB within the Argó Program 2022 22 July 2022
In the last "Bojos per la Física" at ICMAB students could learn about magnetism and piezoelectricity 11 January 2022
Joves i Ciència programme brings student Jana Arroyo to ICMAB 14 December 2021
UCLA Prof. Paul S. Weiss visits the Institute 03 December 2021
Three students spend three weeks at ICMAB with the UAB Argó Program 19 August 2021
Five Joves i Ciència at the ICMAB laboratories during July 2021 12 August 2021
More than 500 students discover the ICMAB sustainable materials for energy 08 January 2021
Fourth visit of the Scientific Advisory Board at ICMAB - online! 27 November 2020
ICMAB will be part of the programme "Science by Women" of the Women for Africa Foundation 02 October 2020
The Science Week brings 185 students aged 12-16 years to discover the new materials of the ICMAB! 11 November 2019
Scientific internship at the ICMAB thanks to the SCQ-IEC Research Awards 30 July 2019
Three "Joves i Ciència" doing research in materials science at the ICMAB: superconductors, photovoltaics and MOFs 29 July 2019
Six students spend three weeks at the ICMAB thanks to the UAB Argó Program 25 June 2019
The winners of the ESCOLAB contest "Tenim una idea" had visited the ICMAB to discover the materials of the future for nanomedicine 18 June 2019
The "Bojos per la Física" come to the ICMAB to discover piezoelectricity and molecular simulation! 08 June 2019
The FUB+GRAN nanotechnology students from Manresa visit the scientific platforms of the ICMAB 29 May 2019
The students from the Institut Marina (La Llagosta) at the Energy Day at the ICMAB #EUSEW19 24 May 2019
Klaus Attenkofer, new Scientific Director of ALBA Synchrotron, visits the ICMAB 14 May 2019
The Escola Pia de Granollers visits the ICMAB to discover the secrets of nanomedicine! 10 May 2019
The 10alamenos9 Festival arrives to its 4th edition with more than 200 students at the UAB Campus and CosmoCaixa 08 April 2019
The ICMAB receives the visit of Engineering Undergraduate students from the EUSS 27 March 2019
The students of Centre d'Estudis Roca discover the materials of the future for solar energy 01 February 2019
Visit of the CMES (Group for a Sustainable Energy Model) at ICMAB 15 January 2019
First school visit of the ESCOLAB 2018-2019 programme 20 December 2018
Six-year old "scientists" from Sabadell enjoy the visit at ICMAB! 11 December 2018
"Converteix-te en un detectiu de materials" brings more than 100 students at ICMAB for the Science Week! 10 December 2018
Students from Lleida visit the ICMAB and the Matheroes! 05 December 2018
Third visit of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at ICMAB 20 November 2018
The SCQ-IEC Research Project Awards bring two students to the ICMAB for a scientific internship 29 August 2018
Seven "Joves i Ciència" at the ICMAB labs during this summer! 25 July 2018
Four students from the UAB Argó Program have spent 10 days at the ICMAB this summer 14 July 2018
The ICFO School on Emerging Photovoltaics visits the ICMAB research labs 10 July 2018
The FUB+GRAN nanotechnology students from Manresa visit the ICMAB 07 July 2018
"Bojos per la Física" comes to ICMAB to discover magnetism and piezoelectricity 18 June 2018
Madame Châtelet for the high school Infanta Isabel from Barcelona who visited ICMAB 09 March 2018
The Institut Joaquima Pla i Farreras from Sant Cugat visits ICMAB and learns the secret of batteries! 16 February 2018
Highschool students from Institut Castellbisbal visit ICMAB 19 January 2018
The Institut Bisbe Sevilla from Calella at ICMAB learning about the nanomaterials of the future for electronics 20 December 2017
Becoming a Materials Detective for a day: interactive school visits at ICMAB 05 December 2017
The IES Pere Calders visits ICMAB for the Setmana de la Ciència 2017 29 November 2017
Second visit of the Scientific Advisory Board at ICMAB 15 November 2017
IES Consell de Cent visits ICMAB: "Materials of the future for energy" thanks to ESCOLAB 13 October 2017
Open call for short-term visits to NFFA-Europe facilities starts on 15th August 01 August 2017
Ens visita la Maria Torras, la noia amb la millor nota de la Selectivitat de Catalunya 21 July 2017
Hendrik Ohldag, IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguised Lecturer for 2017, visited ICMAB 28 June 2017
The students from the UAB Argó Program are ready to hit the road at ICMAB 27 June 2017
First visit to ICMAB of the Scientific Advisory Board-SAB (PHOTOS) 24 November 2016
Visita de l'IES Infanta Isabel d'Aragó (FOTOS) 17 November 2016
Programa "Joves i Ciéncia" de la Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera (FOTOS) 30 July 2016
Jordi Floriach y Arnau Bertran vuelven al ICMAB 29 July 2016
Argó 2016 (FOTOS) 27 July 2016
Visita de estudiantes de la Facultad de Ingeniería de Materiales de la Universidad de Purdue, USA (FOTOS) 13 June 2016
Puertas Abiertas ICMAB Abril 2016 (FOTOS) 06 April 2016
Visita a les instalacions de l'Institut: Dimecres, 6 d'abril, 10:30 01 April 2016
Visita de l'IES Infanta Isabel d'Aragó 22 February 2016
Visita alumnos del IES Vall del Tenes 02 February 2016
Programa Argó 2015 10 July 2015
Estudiants de batxillerat que realitzen estades als laboratoris del centre 10 July 2014
Programa Argó 11 July 2013
Estades a l'ICMAB, programa ARGÓ 25 July 2011
Visita alumnos Semana de la Ciencia 2010 19 November 2010
Visita de alumnos al ICMAB 27 November 2009