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Title Published Date
Complete collection of CSIC Scientific Challenges White Paper in our Manuel Cardona Library 06 June 2023
Happy Sant Jordi 2023! What books have ICMABers read and recommend this year? 20 April 2023
New book on advances in catalysis with Boron clusters 19 December 2022
How to implement the 10 Measures for LGTBQIA+ equality in Research Centers (by PRISMA) 06 December 2022
Molecular Gate SL in Farmespaña Industrial 21 September 2022
ICMAB at CSIC Investiga Special Issue on H2020 16 August 2022
New books in our Manuel Cardona Library. Ready to read? 08 August 2022
The Journal Citation Reports 2022 is here #JCR2022 07 July 2022
New book on "Engineering Biomaterials for Neural Applications" 18 May 2022
ICMAB publications reach 200,000 citations! 05 May 2022
Special Issue on Spintronic Memory and Logic Devices - Submit your manuscript! 27 April 2022
Happy Sant Jordi 2022! Find your next read thanks to the ICMAB staff! 22 April 2022
We support #RareDiseaseDay. What's new on Fabry disease research? 28 February 2022
ICMAB at CSIC INVESTIGA: Energy Research pushing for energy transition 27 January 2022
Submissions open for Special Issue of MDPI on Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles for Bioimaging and Theragnostics 24 January 2022
New scientific books in our "Manuel Cardona" Materials Science Library 11 October 2021
Plasmons to harness typically wasted infrared solar light 04 August 2021
ICMAB cancer research at the new issue of the "CSIC Investiga" magazine 06 July 2021
A possible new world for antibiotics: boron salts against antimicrobial resistance 09 June 2021
Xavier Obradors on 100% green energy in Catalunya: “A colossal challenge” 05 May 2021
Happy Sant Jordi 2021! The ICMAB staff recommends you a book (again!) 23 April 2021
Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor speak on Boron anions to improve air quality 16 April 2021
New acquisition of scientific books in our ICMAB Library "Manuel Cardona" 26 October 2020
Pubished the proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Nitrides (ISNT2019) 21 October 2020
Published the International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (ICSE-8) proceedings 14 October 2020
Amanda Muñoz, Finalist in the Biorender Graphical Abstract 2020 Contest 01 July 2020
MATHEROES, or how to make materials science appealing, in Material-ES 27 May 2020
Happy Sant Jordi 2020! The ICMAB staff recommends you a book! 23 April 2020
Sebastian Reparaz co-author of the Handbook "21st Century Nanoscience" with a chapter on Thermal Transport 20 April 2020
"¿La bala mágica contra SARS-CoV-2?" by Dolores Bueno 31 March 2020
The ACS Omega Virtual Issue "Women at the Forefront of Chemistry" features two articles led by ICMAB women 27 March 2020
10 tips to make your work from home more productive 24 March 2020
"New opportunities for Boron in medicine" in the Catalan magazine L'Atzavara 17 March 2020
New Light! by SECPHO: Photonic revolution in the health sector 12 February 2020
Two articles made-in-ICMAB at the SCQ journal: magnetic reduced graphene oxide and Smart-4-Fabry project 28 December 2019
Susagna Ricart participates in a project that unites Art and Science: NANOCAEDRE 09 December 2019
A new video in the JoVE journal on a new protocol from Gervasi Herranz and the MULFOX group relating magnetics and photonics 05 December 2019
New scientific books in our Library "Manuel Cardona"! 19 November 2019
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019: a close look from an ICMAB point of view (by M. Rosa Palacín and Josep Fontcuberta) 10 October 2019
The Periodic Table of Wiley Books includes the book "Boron-based compounds" edited by Clara Viñas 30 September 2019
The CSIC Annual Report 2018 is out! 16 July 2019
"Toda ciencia es abierta" by Alejandro Santos in the CSIC Library Network journal "Enredadera" 16 July 2019
"Thin-sections, the past serving the future": two articles from Jordi Rius featured in UABDivulga 12 July 2019
Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor, co-authors of the "Handbook of Boron Science" 05 July 2019
An article about "Science Predators" at the CSIC blog "Ciencia para llevar" by Mariano Campoy-Quiles 27 June 2019
Ignasi Fina and Gervasi Herranz, co-authors of the book "Oxide Spintronics" 17 June 2019
Do you want to write an article at the MATERIAL-ES journal? 06 June 2019
All you ever wanted to know about the present and future of oxide electronics, compiled in a roadmap 30 May 2019
Calcium-based batteries featured in Nature Research Chemistry Community to celebrate the #IYPT2019 23 May 2019
The longest C-C bonds are found in the carboranes by Clara Viñas et al! 22 May 2019
"Smart Inorganic Polymers", the new book co-authored by members of the ICMAB Inorganic Materials & Catalysis Lab 21 May 2019
The RSEQ publishes an article about Boron written by Clara Viñas to celebrate the IYPT 2019 25 April 2019
Published a review on thermoelectric materials, from the very beginning and to the future! 29 January 2019
Submit your manuscripts before 31 July for the Entropy special issue "Thermodynamics and Entropy for Self-Assembly and Self-Organization" 17 January 2019
"Descubriendo la luz: experimentos divertidos de óptica" new science outreach book with the participation of Juan Luís García Pomar, from ICMAB 22 November 2018
Gil Gonçalves and Gerard Tobias, editors of the book "Nanooncology" on nanomaterials for cancer treatment 27 June 2018
Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor, co-authors of the book "Boron-Based Compounds: Potential and Emerging Applications in Medicine" 02 May 2018
Dispersions Superparamagnètiques: una visió de Física Estadística d’una nanotecnologia emergent 13 October 2015
En la frontera de la química: cómo la materia se convirtió en vida 16 March 2015
Turning Microscopic Images into 3D Printable Files 02 December 2014
La Prof Concepció Rovira ha estat nomenada com una de les IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering 28 May 2013
Article a "SMALL" del Dr. Riccardo Rurali 23 March 2011
Els nanotubs de carboni com a plantilles per al creixement dels cristalls més petits del món 17 February 2011
iY SE HIZO LA LUZ!. .. LÁSER" 29 September 2010
Nanotecnología: un mundo un millón de veces más pequeño que un milímetro 11 June 2010
Avances recientes en el campo de los materiales para baterías de litio 14 May 2010
Art i Ciència. Converses d'Enric Canadell i Àlex Nogué 12 May 2010
Nanoscience and nanotechnology at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona 03 February 2010
Energía nanotecnológica 03 June 2009
Nuevos materiales en la sociedad del siglo XXI 03 June 2009
Tunnel junctions withmultiferroic barriers” Nature Materials, March 2007 03 June 2009
Explorando la Frontera Cuántica de los Materiales: de Fullerenos a Biomoléculas 03 June 2009
Baterías recargables: algunos aspectos básicos 03 June 2009
Utilización de la tecnología de fluidos supercríticos para la impregnación de biomateriales con fármacos 03 June 2009
El Microscopio de Efecto Túnel. Una herramienta para ver y manipular átomos y moléculas 03 June 2009
El boro, un elemento exótico. Su aplicación en medio ambiente, energía y salud 03 June 2009
Pilas de combustible. Energía sin humos 03 June 2009
Tubos para transportar espines (Transportando espines por un tubo) 19 February 2009
Compostos de bor fluorescents per a medicina 18 February 2009