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Title Published Date
"Els materials de la transició energètica: clau de volta per a la sostenibilitat" by Xavier Obradors 23 October 2023
And the EmErgEnt winner is... SOLS: Accelerator of photovoltaic technologies 21 June 2023
Biographical Sketch of Carles Miravitlles at the RACAB 31 May 2023
"Les bateries com a dispositiu d’emmagatzematge d’energia: perspectiva històrica i context actual" by M. Rosa Palacín 29 May 2023
New video about the 80 years of the CSIC in Catalunya 16 May 2023
Talk in Manresa by Xavier Obradors on "Materials and sustainability" 31 March 2023
"Dona Ciència. Dona Tecnologia" new campaign on women in science and technology 15 March 2023
Sole Roig awarded with the CSIC Relevant Doctoral Thesis Award 28 February 2023
"Dijous de ciència i tecnologia a l'IEC: Bateries i materials" 07 February 2023
Discovering the world of quatsomes by Anastasiya Syurzhyk Revo, a Joves i Ciència fellow 20 January 2023
New chapter in #WhatTheFísica Youtube channel with Rossella Zaffino 21 December 2022
Electrochemical sensor to detect water pollutants in situ 01 December 2022
New technology to measure thermal conductivity 28 November 2022
Leading research experts meet at the UAB campus for "Science and Entrepreneurship in Feminine" 17 November 2022
Battery Generation Podcast on "Multivalent Batteries" 14 November 2022
Xplorers: a new TV program about research in Catalonia 28 September 2022
The project "YouMaker: this is how science is done" exceeds 50,000 impacts in its first year 15 September 2022
What the Fisica: new fresh science Youtube channel 14 July 2022
M. Rosa Palacín and the study of batteries in the first video of the new ALBA Synchrotron series 11 July 2022
YouMaker is here: discover how we do science at ICMAB 01 July 2022
What happens when the coronavirus touches your skin? New video by Marc Domingo! 30 May 2022
Impact of non-ferroelectric phases on switching dynamics in epitaxial ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films 26 April 2022
"Els bons bacteris" with Irene Anton at Sayansi Podcast 06 April 2022
Escolab meets ICMAB research in organic solar cells 13 January 2022
"Els pigments naturals usats en el romànic" #MinerMat2021 22 November 2021
Determination of the Crystal Structures in the A-Site-Ordered YBaMn2O6 Perovskite 12 November 2021
Happy Nanotechnology Day 2021! 08 October 2021
Magnetic nanoparticles to face cancer: David against Goliath 31 May 2021
Nanovesicles for the treatment of complex wounds: the revolution of nanomedicine 21 May 2021
ICMAB Basics: What are superconductors, and why do they levitate? 08 April 2021
Great success of the 1st Online Edition of Expominer 2020 03 December 2020
The Nanopto Group is YouTuber! 18 November 2020
27-28 Nov 2020: Are you ready for the Researchers' Night in Catalonia? 11 November 2020
Open Access at ICMAB: 100 % of our 2019 publications are in DIGITAL.CSIC 10 November 2020
Ashley Black gives a talk on Electric Mobility: a solution for cities? 09 November 2020
#MinerMat2020 - Expominer becomes virtual: Minerals, materials, environment and sustainable development talks and workshops 09 November 2020
Happy Nanotechnology Day 2020 with a video of our TEM and SEM! 09 October 2020
Jan Grzelak speaks on the current state of face masks: materials and reusability 29 June 2020
ICMAB Choir sings Gaudeamus Igitur for new graduates, and now for all of you! 10 June 2020
What is a day like for a PhD researcher in bio/nanotechnology? Discover it with Irene Anton! 09 June 2020
"Bacteria: a nanobiotechnology factory for biomedicine" an illustrated video by Nerea Murugarren 20 May 2020
Ripanti, Francesca [International fellowship Researcher] 04 May 2020
Scarabelli, Leonardo [EU-Marie Curie Researcher] 04 May 2020
VK Thalakkatukalathil, Vinod [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Saiz Poyatos, Fernan [EU-Marie Curie Researcher] 04 May 2020
Dikan, Vladimir [EU-Marie Curie Student] 04 May 2020
Trocoli Jimenez, Rafael [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Salzillo, Tommaso [EU-Marie Curie Researcher] 04 May 2020
Royo Valls, Miquel [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Sandoval Rojano, Stefania [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
#VermutDeNanociència: Anna Roig and Judit Morlà give short talks on nanoscience on YouTube 28 April 2020
Judit Morlà talks about the Coronavirus on “Som-hi” on TAC12 TV 21 April 2020
A new video in the JoVE journal on a new protocol from Gervasi Herranz and the MULFOX group relating magnetics and photonics 05 December 2019
“Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers” releases a promotional video 29 November 2019
Amanda Muñoz and Pamela Machado participate in the CSIC #YoInvestigo video contest 13 November 2019
"Yo investigo. Yo soy CSIC": new video contest for PhDs 03 October 2019
CSIC Innovation: "Trabajamos para mejorar el mañana" 18 June 2019
The #Matheroes in YouTube thanks to SizeMatters! 17 June 2019
“El carboni: de l’origen de la vida a la nanociència” by Gerard Tobias within the cycle about the International Year of the Periodic Table 27 May 2019