Title Published Date
"Mastering supramolecular interactions to free electrons and generate hybrid van der Waals heterostructures" by Emanuele Orgiu (Mon, 27 March 2023) 16 March 2023
"Dona Ciència. Dona Tecnologia" new campaign on women in science and technology 15 March 2023
Which are the influencers and books that we got to know this year for 11F? 09 March 2023
InCAEM Workshop at ALBA Synchrotron on advanced materials imaging 09 March 2023
Women in Materials Science: special RSC collection with ICMABers 08 March 2023
"Thermal photonics with emerging materials" by Georgia T. Papadakis (Mon, 13 March 2023) 01 March 2023
"The Einstein Telescope Project" by Mario Martinez-Perez (Fri, 3 March 2023) 23 February 2023
"New artificial structures for topological spintronics" by Jak Chakhalian (Mon, 14 March 2023) 22 February 2023
"Water as near-universal solvent for materials synthesis and processing" by Miriam Unterlass (Mon, 27 Feb 2023) 20 February 2023
"Very fruitful lectures and discussions" at the ARPES 2023 school 16 February 2023
Celebrating 11F 2023 at ICMAB: Influencers, books, school visits and more! 10 February 2023
The new Scientific Meeting of PhD candidates is back! #JPhD2023 31 January 2023
"Advancing a novel nano-pharmaceutical towards clinical translation" by Elisabet González (Mon, 13 Feb 2023) 31 January 2023
"Inside Nature Communications" by Cristiano Matricardi (Tues, 17 Jan 2023) 09 January 2023
"Single-wall carbon nanotubes to create hybrid functional nanostructures" by Sofie Cambré (Mon, 16 Jan 2023) 04 January 2023
"Dones en Nanociència i Nanotecnologia" Conference AMIT-CAT on 8 Feb 2023 03 January 2023
Merry Christmas from all of us at ICMAB! 22 December 2022
"Inspiring atmosphere at ICMAB" - Scientific Advisory Board members highlight 16 December 2022
"’Polymer nanoparticles. Physical properties and possible applications" by Aurora Nogales (Fri, 16 Dec 2022) 16 December 2022
"Low-voltage Electron Microscopy of 2D and 3D functional materials" by Roger Guzman (Mon, 19 Dec 2022) 12 December 2022
Join us on 14 December to celebrate Christmas 2022 at ICMAB 07 December 2022
How to implement the 10 Measures for LGTBQIA+ equality in Research Centers (by PRISMA) 06 December 2022
Severo Ochoa School: Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy #ARPES2023 05 December 2022
"Model and analysis of SQUID arrays operating at high-temperature" by Marc Galí (Fri, 16 Dec 2022) 02 December 2022
We adhere to the statement on women's rights in Iran proposed by ISGlobal for #25N 30 November 2022
"On the alignment of macromolecules, polarised photodetectors and condoms" by Aleksandr Perevedentsev (Mon, 12 Dec 2022) 28 November 2022
#25N “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” 25 November 2022
"Preparation and characterization of SOFT Materials" Technical Seminar by Amable Bernabé (Mon, 28 Nov 2022) 21 November 2022
Leading research experts meet at the UAB campus for "Science and Entrepreneurship in Feminine" 17 November 2022
The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting will be on 17-18 Nov 2022 10 November 2022
"Nanoparticles in BNCT" by Simonetta Geninatti (Mon, 21 Nov 2022) 09 November 2022
"From the oil barrel to reactive metals: An approach to the energy transition" by Stefano Passerini (Mon, 21 Nov 2022) 08 November 2022
"Technological Innovation in Electrical Engineering" by Bruno Wanderley (Mon, 7 Nov 2022) 03 November 2022
From Nottingham to ICMAB: 2 Short Seminars on Energy and Battery Materials on 2 Nov 2022 27 October 2022
"What can Einstein's Electrons tell us about Tomorrow's Materials?" by Kyle Shen (Mon, 14 Nov 2022) 20 October 2022
New edition of the Soft Lab course on characterization and preparation of particulate materials 19 October 2022
"Mapping structural rippling and strain in van der Waals heterostructures" by Gabriel Sánchez Santolino (Wed, 26 Oct 2022) 17 October 2022
"Conjugated polymers for organic electronics" by Ergang Wang (Fri, 28 Oct 2022) 17 October 2022
"An eye-opening experience" at ACTIVE 2022 Severo Ochoa workshop 13 October 2022
Open Access Seminar: "Barra Libre" by Alejandro Santos (Fri, 21 Oct 2022) 07 October 2022
"Nanoscale Control of Light and Energy" by Dan Congreve (Mon, 24 Oct 2022) 03 October 2022
An article on chemical doping of OFETs in the Advanced Materials Women in Materials Science special issue 17 August 2022
"YouMaker: do’s and don’ts" will be presented at Campus Gutenberg-CosmoCaixa #CGutenberg22 01 August 2022
Register to ACTIVE2022 workshop: Electrical and optical active molecular materials for bio-applications 25 July 2022
"The outcome of my research at ICMAB can be applied in my country, Nigeria" 21 July 2022
My experience at AEI: Tips for great applications and implementation of national projects by Mariano Campoy-Quiles (28 July) 20 July 2022
"Panoramic perspective" in the school SURE 2022 on sustainable materials for energy 18 July 2022
Boosting the stimulated emission properties of host:guest polymer blends by disruption of exciton transport by Juan Cabanillas (Thurs, 21 July) 18 July 2022
Great success in the EuroBoron9 2022 conference organized by ICMAB researchers 13 July 2022
"Interplay between structure, magnetism, and correlations in molybdate and nickelate perovskite oxides" by Cyrus Dreyer (Wed, 13 Jul 2022) 08 July 2022
"National Fusion Laboratory: strategy and perspectives" by Carlos Hidalgo (CIEMAT) (8 July 2022) 04 July 2022
Open Doors at our Scientific Equipment Platforms: 29 June 2022 17 June 2022
The International Conference on Quantum Materials and Technologies is happening in 16 - 22 October 2022. Submit your abstract now! 09 June 2022
FOTICMAB 2022: our photo contest is now open! 13 May 2022
Enhanced electroresistance endurance of capped Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 ultrathin epitaxial tunnel barriers 10 May 2022
"How to take your technology to market, key points" by Cruz Mendigutía, BeAble Capital (Mon, 23 May) 09 May 2022
2003 03 May 2022
This Wednesday 4 May: Fira d'Empreses UB, and ICMAB will be there 03 May 2022
"Energy transfer in two-dimensional arrays of nanostructures" by Alejandro Manjavacas (Fri, 6 May 2022) 02 May 2022
"Hybrid perovskites from photovoltaics to memory applications" by Antonio Guerrero (Tues, 3 May 2022) 29 April 2022
New Online Spintronics Journal Club: First session on 29 April 2022 25 April 2022
C. elegans at the Fira de Recerca en Directe 2022 at CosmoCaixa Barcelona 25 April 2022
ICMAB celebrates the week for Safety and Health at work 2022 21 April 2022
Energy materials and Nanoelectronic materials and devices at E-MRS Spring Meeting 2022 13 April 2022
Congratulations Doctor Alejandro Fernández, new ICMAB graduate! 05 April 2022
Bruguera Farrés, Jaume 04 April 2022
UHMob EU project: Training the future researchers in organic semiconductors for industrial applications 29 March 2022
Alejandro Fernández will defend his PhD Thesis on Monday, 4 April 2022, at 11 am at ICMAB 28 March 2022
"Challenges with development of sodium-ion batteries" by Reza Younesi (Mon, 4 April 2022) 24 March 2022
ICMAB will host SURE 2022: a summer school on sustainable materials for energy with EPNOE and ESEIA 24 March 2022
ICMAB debuts in the "Science by Women" program in its 7th edition 23 March 2022
Welcome Svenja Thömel at ICMAB! 23 March 2022
Madame Châtelet performance at the NeuroArt Festival at CCCB 18 March 2022
Postdoc Position: experimental studies on EMF exposure patterns on C. elegans at ICMAB 11 March 2022
"Cómo sacarle el máximo partido a las medidas de Calorimetría de Titulación Isotérmica con el software AFFINImeter" by Juan Sabín (Wed, 23 March 2022) 11 March 2022
#CuriositatsCientífiques about women in science in our Twitter for #11F2022 08 March 2022
"Interfacing bipolar electrochemistry with living systems" by Frankie Rawson (U. Nottingham) (Mon, 14 March 2022) 28 February 2022
The micro and nano worlds: ClústerMAV event at ICMAB 28 February 2022
Xavier Obradors at the 4YFN Frontier Tech Programme with Zina Jarrahi Cinker and John Hoffmann 25 February 2022
"DNA-mediated self-assembly of optical antennas for single-photon emitters" by Guillermo Pedro Acuna (Fri, 4 March 2022) 21 February 2022
Grau en Nanociència i Nanotecnologia / Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 15 February 2022
MSc in Advanced Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 15 February 2022
Escofet Escuder, Oriol 15 February 2022
"Anyone can be a scientist, if they want to" #100tífiques 11 February 2022
Postdoc Position: Cellulose based photonic materials at ICMAB 09 February 2022
MATERLAND invites you to participate in an interactive game for 11F 08 February 2022
"Molecular and nanomaterials chemistry" by Kasper Moth-Poulsen (Mon, 28 Feb 2022) 07 February 2022
"Descobreix les propietats dels materials", "Matheroes" and "Ciència en femení" from ICMAB in Sant Celoni 03 February 2022
Participate in this year's Women in Science Wikimarathon on 8 Feb! 02 February 2022
Celebrating 11F 2022 at ICMAB with Vicenta Arnal and Émilie du Châtelet 28 January 2022
Submissions open for Special Issue of MDPI on Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles for Bioimaging and Theragnostics 24 January 2022
Mixed-valence gold bis(diselenolene) complex turning metallic under pressure 21 January 2022
Ultrafast Interface Charge Separation in Carbon Nanodot–Nanotube Hybrids 18 January 2022
The GENESIS project highligted at the Agencia Estatal de Investigación website 17 January 2022
"Electrochemically gated charge transport in redox proteins and photosynthetic complexes" by Pau Gorostiza (Mon, 31 Jan 2022) 13 January 2022
In the last "Bojos per la Física" at ICMAB students could learn about magnetism and piezoelectricity 11 January 2022
ICMAB among the "Energy for Society" network technologies portfolio 07 January 2022
Giant Thermal Transport Tuning at a Metal / Ferroelectric Interface 27 December 2021
One more year, the JPhD meeting breaks participation records! 20 December 2021
Xavier Obradors and the energy transition at the “Què és la normalitat?” seminar, organized by IDAEA 16 December 2021
Moth Poulsen, Kasper [Research Professor ICREA] 13 December 2021
Christmas 2021 at ICMAB: let's celebrate it together on 17 December! 10 December 2021
Direct and Converse Flexoelectricity in Two-Dimensional Materials 10 December 2021
Two new open positions in the Maintenance Department at ICMAB 09 December 2021
"Truxene-related organic semiconductors: From flexible electronics to environmental remediation" by Berta Gómez-Lor (Mon, 13 Dec 2021) 01 December 2021
2021 30 November 2021
2017 30 November 2021
2018 30 November 2021
Felipo Esteve, Gerard 30 November 2021
Guo, Jiali [EU-Marie Curie Student] 30 November 2021
Soriano Medrano, Daniel 30 November 2021
The Scientific Advisory Board will come to ICMAB on 2-3 December 2021 29 November 2021
New workshop on the Fundamentals of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) Imaging and Spectroscopy 29 November 2021
New workshop on the Fundamentals of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) Imaging and Spectroscopy 29 November 2021
The return of the JPhD meeting (on 25-26 November 2021) 19 November 2021
The return of the JPhD meeting (on 25-26 November 2021) 19 November 2021
40 years of STM and 35 of AFM in memory of Fausto Sanz and other pioneers of these techniques 18 November 2021
Call for Abstracts for the European Conference on Boron Chemistry (EuroBoron9) in Barcelona 17 November 2021
Open Postdoctoral position in Organic Radicals in the framework of the Quantum Technologies CSIC PTI 11 November 2021
García Costas, Rubén [FPI PhD Student] 11 November 2021
Villa Navas, Mario [FPI PhD Student] 11 November 2021
Gong, Yanyan [International fellowship Researcher] 08 November 2021
"Nanotechnology Approaches to Biology and Medicine" by Paul S. Weiss (UCLA) (Mon, 15 Nov 2021) 05 November 2021
"Del primer STM a Catalunya als microscopis actuals" (UAB, 16 Nov 2021) 05 November 2021
Effect of Humidity on the Writing Speed and Domain Wall Dynamics of Ferroelectric Domains 02 November 2021
"The role of research centers in foreign investment" by Sergi Barbens (ACCIÓ) (Mon, 8 Nov 2021) 29 October 2021
Veciana & Rovira workshop honors the legacy of two of ICMABs remarkable researchers 28 October 2021
"Y6 transistors beyond the scope of photovoltaics" by Edgar Gutiérrez (UPV/EHU) (Wed, 10 Nov 2021) 27 October 2021
Welcome Xuesong ZHANG at ICMAB! 27 October 2021
"Modulated phases in ferroic oxide thin films" by Silvia Damerio (U. Groningen) (Tues, 2 Nov 2021) 26 October 2021
Aguilar Larruy, Jordi [Project Researcher] 26 October 2021
ICREA Researcher Kasper Moth-Poulsen joins ICMAB with an ERC project on new materials for thermal regulation 20 October 2021
New scientific books in our "Manuel Cardona" Materials Science Library 11 October 2021
Happy Nanotechnology Day 2021! 08 October 2021
Polarization and Resistive Switching in Epitaxial 2 nm Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Tunnel Junctions 01 October 2021
Coming soon! SOPHOT: Severo Ochoa Workshop on Phononics and Thermal Transport 28 September 2021
Welcome Roger Mora de la Serna at ICMAB! 27 September 2021
Get ready for the 6th PhD Scientific Meeting of the UAB! #JPhD2021 23 September 2021
Switchable photovoltaic response in hexagonal LuMnO3 single crystals 21 September 2021
"Thermal properties and conductivity of PEO based electrolytes" by Dimitrios Chatzogiannakis (Tues, 21 Sept 2021) 19 September 2021
The European Researcher’s Night is back – and with presential activities! 15 September 2021
Welcome Stefano Fedel at ICMAB! 15 September 2021
"Thin film photovoltaic materials based on earth abundant elements" by Edgardo Saucedo (UPC) (Mon, 27 Sept 2021) 06 September 2021
Expoquimia 2021 is right around the corner! Join the event on 14-17 September 01 September 2021
Lo Conte, Camilla 31 August 2021
"European Ecosystem of research and tech transfer" by Esther Hurtós (Eurecat) (Mon, 20 Sept 2021) 30 August 2021
Synthesis of 2D Porous Crystalline Materials in Simulated Microgravity 27 August 2021
Iridium Oxide Redox Gradient Material: Operando X‑ray Absorption of Ir Gradient Oxidation States during IrOx Bipolar Electrochemistry 24 August 2021
Mechanically Tunable Lattice-Plasmon Resonances by Templated Self-Assembled Superlattices for Multi-Wavelength Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy 03 August 2021
Anna Solé, winner at the GEFES Research Awards for Undergraduate Students 2021 for her work in neouromorphic computing 02 August 2021
Allocation of Ambipolar Charges on an Organic Diradical with a Vinylene–Phenylenediyne Bridge 30 July 2021
The 2021 Journal Citation Reports is here! #JCR2021 29 July 2021
The 2021 Journal Citation Reports is here! #JCR2021 29 July 2021
CRYSTALMATCH 2021: And the winner of the 1st ICMAB crystallization contest is… 28 July 2021
The 2021 ICMAB Summer Party celebrates the Institute’s 35 years! 23 July 2021
Zeng, Ming [International Fellowship PhD Student] 21 July 2021
A new density-modification procedure extending the application of the recent |ρ|-based phasing algorithm to larger crystal structures 13 July 2021
Un congreso en ‘Bengaluru, Spain’: el doctor que se hace de oro timando a los científicos 09 July 2021
Closing Nanoinventum 2021: awards and interview with one of the teachers 09 July 2021
Open position for a PhD researcher: functional oxide membranes for photovoltaics 08 July 2021
More than 60 participants at the DOC-FAM School EMERGING 2021 07 July 2021
Welcome Manel Serrano at ICMAB! 07 July 2021
Getting ready for the Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference 2021 29 June 2021
Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor/Quatsome Nanoconjugates: A Robust Topical Delivery System for Complex Wound Healing 22 June 2021
Veciana & Rovira: ONLINE Workshop on research and innovation in the field of molecular materials 17 June 2021
An evening of science! ICMAB at the Festa de la Ciència 2021 15 June 2021
The SCN2 organizes the 2021 Nanotechnology & Industry for PhD researchers day 08 June 2021
Nora Ventosa will give her presentation speech at IEC on 7 June 2021 04 June 2021
Welcome Paolo Sebastiano Floris at ICMAB! 03 June 2021
FOTICMAB 2021: the ICMAB multimedia contest is open! 02 June 2021
FOTICMAB 2021: the ICMAB multimedia contest is open! 02 June 2021
Equality policies in science and Women and STEM: SOMMa Gender Equality event 2021 01 June 2021
"Using CO2 meters to control COVID transmission indoors" by Albert Verdaguer (Mon, 14 June 2021) 28 May 2021
Epitaxial Ferroelectric HfO2 Films: Growth, Properties, and Devices 25 May 2021
Moderate positive trends towards closing the gender breach: the data on the glass ceiling in Spanish Research 20 May 2021
CRYSTALMATCH 2021: First crystallization contest at ICMAB 20 May 2021
Find out more about the UAB's MSc and PhDs at the virtual fair organized on 17-21 May 2021 14 May 2021
Saúl Estandía will defend his PhD Thesis on Friday, 28 May 2021, at 11 am 13 May 2021
New JAE Intro SOMdM 2021 call for Master Student’s research internships 13 May 2021
"Tips for successful meetings with companies": Out-of-the-box seminar at ICMAB 10 May 2021
A device monitoring heart failure from saliva co-developed by ICMAB and IMB-CNM researchers 06 May 2021
More than 600 students at the 2021 #10alamenos9 Festival from the UAB Campus 04 May 2021
Ivan Caño awarded with the IEC Sant Jordi award for his Master's project 03 May 2021
You can now register for EMERGING 2021, the DOC-FAM School 30 April 2021
pH-Responsive Self-Assembly of Amyloid Fibrils for Dual Hydrolase-Oxidase Reactions 30 April 2021
Combinatorial Screening of Cuprate Superconductors by Drop-On-Demand Inkjet Printing 27 April 2021
ICMAB will be at the MEMEnginy UAB fair on 29 April 2021 26 April 2021
ICMAB will be at the XV Virtual UB Business Forum on 28 April 2021 23 April 2021
Nora Ventosa in Recercat: “En els propers anys veurem un augment exponencial dels nanofàrmacs” 23 April 2021
Tuning the tilting of the spiral plane by Mn doping in YBaCuFeO5 multiferroic 23 April 2021
Noncovalently Linked Metallacarboranes on Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles as Highly Efficient, Robust, and Reusable Photocatalysts in Aqueous Medium 20 April 2021
Seven Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects (FIP) granted within the Severo Ochoa FUNFUTURE Programme 15 April 2021
Congratulations Dr. Osnat Zapata, new ICMAB Graduate 07 April 2021
Impact of Chemical Composition on the Nanostructure and Biological Activity of α-Galactosidase-Loaded Nanovesicles for Fabry Disease Treatment 02 April 2021
Testa Anta, Martin [Project Researchers ] 26 March 2021
Sanz Lleo, Marta [Co-supervised PhD Student] 26 March 2021
Mendoza Carreño, Jose [FPI PhD Student] 26 March 2021
"A PhD is much more than scientific knowledge" 24 March 2021
ERC 2021 Seminar – A new panel in PE domain: PE11-Materials Engineering 18 March 2021
Welcome Nicoló Bordignon at ICMAB! 17 March 2021

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