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Press Review

Title Published Date
ICMAB's research on brain tumor therapy using boron clusters featured in Journal of Materials Chemistry B's prestigious collection 23 August 2023
And the EmErgEnt winner is... SOLS: Accelerator of photovoltaic technologies 21 June 2023
The students of the José Echegaray School interview the Chemistry Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart 19 June 2023
Amanda Muñoz-Juan visits the President of La Rioja and is interviewed in the radio about her research 20 April 2023
En Carles Miravitlles, director-fundador de l'ICMAB, ens ha deixat 17 April 2023
A unique NMR infrastructure in Europe at the UB with new superconducting technology 14 March 2023
SYNATRA, new project on organic solar cells for transparent agrivoltaics 01 February 2023
Taula rodona sobre ‘Fer recerca a l’estranger’, al Casino 31 January 2023
Hierro, aire, madera, arena... la tecnología ilumina nuevas alternativas a las baterías de litio with Alexandre Ponrouch 17 January 2023
New European Project NABIHEAL in biomaterials for complex wound healing 16 January 2023
YouMaker, així és com fan ciència a l’ICMAB 22 December 2022
Xavier Obradors, Premi Bages de Cultura 2022 Òmnium Bages-Moianès 28 November 2022
Change in the presidency of the SOMMa alliance: María José Sanz replaces María Blasco 10 November 2022
Present and future of the batteries with M. Rosa Palacín in Canal Extremadura 08 November 2022
Researchers develop a material that mimics how the brain stores information 08 November 2022
ICMAB at the first TECNIO Congress: technology transfer to generate high-impact innovation 02 November 2022
ICMAB participates in the new NextGEM European project to investigate new generation electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure and possible health effects 31 August 2022
Efficient photovoltaics: more (light) with less (material) 03 August 2022
ICMAB installs IoT wireless sensors in vineyards at the Penedès 15 July 2022
Científiques Catalanes 2.0: científicas de la Cataluña del siglo XXI 11 May 2022
What do we know about electric vehicles in flames? 11 May 2022
Kickoff meeting of the European DYNAMO project in Castelló 10 May 2022
ICMAB at NFFA Europe: first European platform with free open access to unique nanoscience research infrastructures 05 May 2022
Converting solar energy to electricity on demand 11 April 2022
“Los compuestos de boro serán una revolución en el futuro” 06 April 2022
La clave secreta de la guerra: "Ucrania iba camino de ser uno de los mayores proveedores de litio del mundo" 23 March 2022
Molecular Gate S.L., new ICMAB-CSIC and BeAble Capital spin-off, offers a transformative technology to ensure the authenticity of pharmaceutical products 17 March 2022
Un equipo de investigadores diseña un prototipo de batería que usa calcio en lugar de litio 21 February 2022
A wall to stop bacterial wilt in tomato plants 14 February 2022
New ERC-PoC Project will provide a sustainable alternative to microplastics as whitening agents 07 February 2022
Stable nanovesicles for the delivery of microRNA in cancer treatment in #WorldCancerDay 04 February 2022
"Sur la piste de nouveaux matériaux conducteurs transparents" 31 January 2022
New batteries could share a unique bond with milk and kitchen foil 25 January 2022
The GENESIS project highligted at the Agencia Estatal de Investigación website 17 January 2022
New fluorescent nanovesicles for intracellular biomarker detection 14 January 2022
Tres investigadors bagencs són entre els més referenciats a nivell mundial 11 January 2022
Congratulations! ICMAB is the first H2020 CSIC Institute 22 December 2021
New cancer radiotherapy and diagnosis mechanisms explained in "The Conversation" 15 December 2021
The Implications of Using Light to Control Molecular Motion by David Amabilino 14 December 2021
Nora Ventosa: “Les universitats no es poden deixar aïllades del sistema productiu català” 14 December 2021
“Molta gent no sap ni que existeix el comunicador científic, ni què fa” 12 November 2021
The TECNIO Research Association is born, chaired by Nora Ventosa 10 November 2021
“Un motor de ciència i innovació per a l’àrea de la B30” | Caterina Biscari 29 October 2021
Sebastián Reparaz in the Radio "Principio de Incertidumbre: Ondas de calor" 28 October 2021
La carrera por destronar a las baterías de ion-litio se pone al rojo vivo 08 October 2021
Protones para atacar el cáncer y nanomateriales para mejorar el diagnóstico 07 September 2021
El sincrotró ALBA aspira a crear un pol científic amb els fons europeus 02 September 2021
Simulated microgravity system to synthesize high-quality 2D crystalline materials 29 July 2021
A new theory to explain the transparency of metallic oxides 23 July 2021
Un congreso en ‘Bengaluru, Spain’: el doctor que se hace de oro timando a los científicos 09 July 2021
"Observación inesperada de ondas térmicas en Germanio" en Ágora, con Sebastián Reparaz 08 July 2021
Thermal waves observed in semiconductor materials 30 June 2021
Judith, la científica que trata de curar el cáncer con hidrogeles: "Somos pioneros a nivel europeo" 12 May 2021
Rosa M. Palacín a #CiènciaEnFemení a Ràdio Cambrils 07 May 2021
A device monitoring heart failure from saliva co-developed by ICMAB and IMB-CNM researchers 06 May 2021
Xavier Obradors on 100% green energy in Catalunya: “A colossal challenge” 05 May 2021
Nora Ventosa in Recercat: “En els propers anys veurem un augment exponencial dels nanofàrmacs” 23 April 2021
Bio-nanocellulose meshes improve hernia repair surgery 20 April 2021
ICMAB involved in ASTIP, the Next Generation EU proposal for advanced research in complex materials and bio systems 08 April 2021
A new european infrastructure will facilitate the transfer of nano-pharmaceuticals from the lab to the clinic 25 March 2021
As seen on TV: ICMAB is featured in Valor Afegit TV3 19 March 2021
Anna Laromaine in Màtrix, Ràdio Olot 12 March 2021
Nanoenzymes designed with a unique combination of structure and functions 09 March 2021
SUMAN group: "The Lab2Market XRE4S program is a great opportunity to bring our technology to the market" 01 March 2021
A more effective nanomedicine developed for the treatment of Fabry rare disease designated as Orphan Drug 26 February 2021
Bio-membranes with ocular stem cells to treat corneal disorders 25 February 2021
“T’imagines què hauria passat si Einstein hagués nascut dona? Probablement no sabríem qui és” 12 February 2021
Referents ocults; 10 dones que van inspirar les científiques d’avui 12 February 2021
The Matilda effect in the Catalunya Radio Programme "Les dones i els dies" 09 February 2021
Medir el CO2 en las aulas permite ajustar la ventilación sin pasar frío 03 February 2021
New materials for solar cells with Mariona Coll 02 February 2021
Aprenem de la natura gràcies a Dani Jiménez 29 January 2021
Machine learning to predict the performance of organic solar cells 28 January 2021
Storing information with light 18 January 2021
"Esta beca es un bote salvavidas, me permite seguir investigando cuando ya me quedaba sin fondos" 10 November 2020