Sustainable energy conversion & storage systems

Title Published Date
Bacterial Nanocellulose and Titania Hybrids: Cytocompatible and Cryopreservable Cell Carriers 20 October 2020
Reduction of the Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Semiconductors by Molecular Doping 16 October 2020
Understanding the nature of the passivation layer enabling reversible calcium plating 13 October 2020
Welcome Jordi Floriach-Clark at ICMAB| 06 October 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Nanoprobes for the next generation of Optical Imaging" by Judit Morlà (Mon, 5 Oct 2020) 21 September 2020
Visualization of moiré superlattices 18 September 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Yajie Zhang! New ICMAB graduate! 16 September 2020
High‐Throughput Nanofabrication of Metasurfaces with Polarization‐Dependent Response 15 September 2020
Thurs, 8 Oct 2020: Energy Innovation Day 09 September 2020
Microfluidic‐Assisted Blade Coating of Compositional Libraries for Combinatorial Applications: The Case of Organic Photovoltaics 08 September 2020
FusionCAT Seminar: “Faster Fusion through innovations” by Dr. Gryaznevich from Tokamak Energy 04 September 2020
New 3D printed hydrogels for T-cell growth to be used in cancer immunotherapy 31 August 2020
Rapid and high-resolution patterning of microstructure and composition in organic semiconductors using ‘molecular gates’ 28 August 2020
Electrodeposited Negative Index Metamaterials with Visible and Near Infrared Response 07 August 2020
We're hiring! New PhD positions within the Severo Ochoa programme! 31 July 2020
Templated‐assembly of CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals into 2D photonic supercrystals with amplified spontaneous emission 31 July 2020
ICMAB is awarded with the "Severo Ochoa" Center of Excellence Award for the second time in a row 15 July 2020
Towards photovoltaic windows: scalable fabrication of semitransparent modules based on non-fullerene acceptors via laser-patterning 14 July 2020
Experimental demonstration of the suppression of optical phonon splitting in 2D materials by Raman spectroscopy 10 July 2020
Probing Lattice Dynamics and Electronic Resonances in Hexagonal Ge and SixGe1–x Alloys in Nanowires by Raman Spectroscopy 26 June 2020
PhD scholarships in the framework of the MSCA-ITN “Coordination Chemistry Inspires Molecular Catalysis” 12 June 2020
A Highly Water-Stable meta-Carborane-Based Copper Metal–Organic Framework for Efficient High-Temperature Butanol Separation 02 June 2020
Photoflexoelectric effect in halide perovskites 18 May 2020
Electrochemical Methods for Lithium Recovery: A Comprehensive and Critical Review 15 May 2020
"Key breakthrough in search for gasoline replacement" by Pepe Giner et al. hit the American TV 08 May 2020
Martínez Majado, Artur [Communication] 04 May 2020
Bosoni , Emanuele [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Edström , Tomas Alexander [International fellowship Researcher] 04 May 2020
Ciammaruchi , Laura [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Belova , Valentina [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Espinal Bustos, Raul Uziel [International fellowship Researcher] 04 May 2020
Morla Folch, Judit [TecnioSpring Researcher] 04 May 2020
Malaspina, David Cesar [EU-Marie Curie Researcher] 04 May 2020
Perez, Luis Alberto [EU-Marie Curie Researcher] 04 May 2020
Torras Martínez, Miquel [FPU PhD Student] 04 May 2020
Anton Sales, Irene [FPI PhD Student] 04 May 2020
Laromaine Sagué, Anna [Tenured Scientist - ID] 04 May 2020
Black Serra, Ashley Phillip [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Palacin Peiró, Maria Rosa [Vice-director] 04 May 2020
Rurali, Riccardo [Vice-director] 04 May 2020
Gich García, Martí [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Ponrouch, Alexandre [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Benito Vélez, Mónica [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Roig Serra, Anna [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Cortés Donaire, Jordi 04 May 2020
Núñez Aguilera, María Rosario [Research Scientist] 04 May 2020
Viñas Teixidor, Clara [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Online Seminar "Magnetism fights for health. A quantitative lab-on-chip rapid diagnostic test for Malaria" by Riccardo Bertacco (Mon, 20 April 2020) 31 March 2020
"Microneedle and nanochannel arrays to build the next generation of diagnostic tools" by Beatriz Prieto (Mon, 9 March 2020) 10 February 2020
"Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 to the development of Li-ion batteries: from intercalation chemistry to a rechargeable world" by M. Rosa Palacín (Mon, 17 Feb 2020) 27 January 2020
"Science and gender: perspectives from the history of science" by Clara Florensa to celebrate the 11F: International Day of Women and Girls in Science 24 January 2020
Smart-4-Fabry EU project: a project on the Fabry rare disease for "La Marató de TV3" 13 December 2019
M. Rosa Palacín at the Nobel Prize 2019 UAB Conferences 10 December 2019
European Research Council (ERC) funding opportunities – a 360° overview 03 December 2019
"Yo investigo. Yo soy CSIC": new video contest for PhDs 03 October 2019
Great success of "Madame Châtelet" for the European Researchers Night in Cosmocaixa 27 September 2019
The ICMAB, at the European Researchers’ Night: Welcome to the Nanoworld workshops and Speakers’ Corner Talks 27 September 2019
Ferroelectricity-free lead halide perovskites 23 August 2019
Scientific internship at the ICMAB thanks to the SCQ-IEC Research Awards 30 July 2019
Educational Resources for the classroom to work with the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements #aitp2019 04 July 2019
Roundtable in Vil·la Urània: The energy of the future or the future of energy 19 June 2019
"Nanoroses", the winning picture of our #FOTICMAB2019 photo contest 18 June 2019
The ICMAB organises its Energy Day event on 17 June 2019 as part of the EUSEW Energy Days! 17 June 2019
Session “How the ALBA Synchrotron aids quantum information” at CCCB with, Gervasi Herranz 12 June 2019
The "Bojos per la Física" come to the ICMAB to discover piezoelectricity and molecular simulation! 08 June 2019
“Som Elèctrics! Transició energètica i mobilitat elèctrica” with M. Rosa Palacín 06 June 2019
Celebrate the World Environment Day with the Periodic Table and Nora Ventosa 05 June 2019
3rd Edition of Nanoinventum with Anna Roig 04 June 2019
The FUB+GRAN nanotechnology students from Manresa visit the scientific platforms of the ICMAB 29 May 2019
The students from the Institut Marina (La Llagosta) at the Energy Day at the ICMAB #EUSEW19 24 May 2019
INSPIRACIENCIA 2019: IX Contest of short stories inspired in science 23 May 2019
Wed, 22 May 2019: Pint of Science with Mariona Coll in Vic "The night of the sun" 22 May 2019
Wed, 22 May 2019: Pint of Science with Esther Barrena in Sant Cugat "Seeing the invisible" 22 May 2019
The Escola Pia de Granollers visits the ICMAB to discover the secrets of nanomedicine! 10 May 2019
Celebrating Sant Jordi 2019 at ICMAB with a book exchange and new bookmarks! 23 April 2019
The 10alamenos9 Festival arrives to its 4th edition with more than 200 students at the UAB Campus and CosmoCaixa 08 April 2019
Ferran Macià participates in "Somos Científicos" 2019 in the #ZonaCSIC 01 April 2019
José Vidal participates at the "V Scientific Day" at the INS Mercè Rodoreda 15 March 2019
CCCB, 12 Juny 2019: How the ALBA Synchrotron aids quantum information 11 January 2019
Ag2Cu3Cr2O8(OH)4: a new bidimensional silver–copper mixed-oxyhydroxide with in-plane ferromagnetic coupling 17 February 2017
Participation in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science – 11 February 07 February 2017
Strain-Controlled Responsiveness of Slave Half-Doped Manganite La_sub0.5sub_Sr_sub0.5sub_MnO_sub3sub_ Layers Inserted in BaTiO_sub3sub_ Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions 12 January 2017
Visita alumnos del IES Vall del Tenes 02 February 2016
Utilización de la tecnología de fluidos supercríticos para la impregnación de biomateriales con fármacos 03 June 2009

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