COSAN as a molecular imaging platform: synthesis and “in vivo” imaging

2014-08-29 10-26-02

Kiran B. Gona, Adnana Zaulet, Vanessa Gómez-Vallejo, Francesc Teixidor, Jordi Llop* and Clara Viñas*. 
Chem. Commun., 2014,50, 11415-11417

DOI: 10.1039/C4CC05058D

A labelling method for the covalent attachment of radioiodine to the boron-rich 8-I-cobaltabisdicarbollide (I-COSAN) and a bi-functional (iodine and PEG) COSAN derivative, [3,3′-Co(8-I-1,2-C2B9H10)(8′-(OCH2CH2)2COOC6H5-1′,2′-C2B9H10)], is reported. Biodistribution studies in rodents using dissection/gamma counting and in vivo nuclear imaging have been performed. The general strategy reported here can be applied in the future to COSAN derivatives bearing a wide range of functionalities.


Bioactive materials for therapy and diagnosis

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