New workshop on the Fundamentals of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) Imaging and Spectroscopy

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Date : 2021-12-15

This hybrid workshop will be happening on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at ICMAB and Online! STEM2021 is organized by ICMAB Researcher Jaume Gázquez, from the MULFOX Group at ICMAB, and is aimed at PhD fellows and researchers who have little to no experience with STEM imaging techniques and want to incorporate them on their research.

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Coming soon! SOPHOT: Severo Ochoa Workshop on Phononics and Thermal Transport

Date : 2021-10-18

The new workshop on phononics and thermal transport will take place on 18-19 October 2021 from ICMAB and online. Register before 11 October!

Heat transport is becoming increasingly important within the Research Line in Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage Systems (RL1 at ICMAB).

Besides the fundamental scientific interest, learning how to modulate the heat flow has important applications in conventional electronics (where heat dissipation at the nanoscale is a major issue) or in the design of efficient thermoelectric materials (where materials with low thermal conductivities must be engineered).

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Banner for the event. Reads: 6th scientific Meeting of BNC-b PhD Students. 25-26 November 2021, Campus UAB Bellaterra, Barcelona, Twitter: @jphd2021 Instagram: @jphd_2021, Register for free before October 15, 2021 at

Get ready for the 6th PhD Scientific Meeting of the UAB! #JPhD2021

Título Artículo: Get ready for the 6th PhD Scientific Meeting of the UAB! #JPhD2021

Registrations to join this great event are now open! 

The 6th Edition of the Scientific Meeting of PhD Students at UAB campus #JPhD2021 will be celebrated on November 25-26 2021, as a hybrid even held both online and at the Faculty of Science of the UAB. The registration for this even is already open and you have until 15 October 2021 to send your application! Please follow the instructions on the website to submit your application.

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Watercolor sketch of the Table Tennis Tournament by Alejandro Santos

The 2021 ICMAB Summer Party celebrates the Institute’s 35 years!

After last year’s party being cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, we were stoked to be able to finally celebrate again!

The 2021 ICMAB Party was celebrated after more than a year without live events due to the collective efforts to stop the spread of COVID. The party was not without changes, as it was celebrated entirely at ICMAB’s terrace to avoid concentrations of people inside. We celebrated on 16 July 2021 with many events, including the first CRYSTALMATCH contest, the awards ceremony for the FOTICMAB contest, the BEFORE&NOW photo activity, a tie dye workshop by Sara Ruiz, Nerea González and Lídia Ballell, a sketching workshop by Alejandro Santos, and the final of the Tennis Table tournament!

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The SCN2 organizes the 2021 Nanotechnology & Industry for PhD researchers day

Date : 2021-06-22

On 22 June 2021, from 4 to 6:30 pm, the SCN2 (Catalan Society of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) will celebrate the second edition of the event 'Nanotechnology and Industry for PhD researchers'.

The aim of the event is to talk about nanotechnology applied to the field of industry and business. This year the event counts with the participation of three spin-offs from ICN2, ICMAB and IMB-CNM: InBrain Neuroelectronics, Nanomol Technologies and Energiot, who will explain us their process of technology transfer.

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Banner Fira Empreses UB

ICMAB will be at the XV Virtual UB Business Forum on 28 April 2021

On Wednesday 28 April 2021, the ICMAB will be at the XV Virtual Business Forum "Fira d'Empreses" organized by the many science faculties of the University of Barcelona (UB). If you are a student or a researcher and would like to do an internship or work with us, come and visit us and we will inform you, from 10 am from 4 pm. 

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ERC 2021 Seminar – A new panel in PE domain: PE11-Materials Engineering

Date : 2021-03-25

We are happy to organize and invite you to the following ERC Session at ICMAB:

ERC 2021 – A new panel in PE domain: PE11-Materials Engineering

by Dr. Alina Maria TOMOIAGĂ – Project Advisor, European Research Council Executive Agency, Physical Sciences and Engineering Unit

Thursday, 25 March 2021, from 3 pm to 5 pm
Online Invited Seminar by Zoom. Register here to attend.

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Are you interested in literature and nanoscience? This contest is for you!

In the framework of the 10alamenos9 Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, a Nanostories contest has been launched for high school students, from 3rd and 4th ESO and 1st and 2nd BTX. The idea is to write short stories of maximum 200 words in which nanoscience and nanotechnology are present. The deadline to participate is 5 April 2021. Go for it!

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"Optical Emission Tuning of Single Photon Sources by Elastic Strain Engineering" by Javier Martín-Sánchez (Mon, 15 March 2021)

Date : 2021-03-15

We would like to invite you to the following Online ICMAB Periodical Lecture:
Optical Emission Tuning of Single Photon Sources by Elastic Strain Engineering

by Javier Martín-SánchezDepartment of Physics, University of Oviedo (Spain)

Monday, 15 March 2020 @ 12 pm 
Online Invited Seminar by Zoom. Register here to attend

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