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Ferroelectrics: from fundamental to applications (DFMC-GEFES) Symposium at XXXIX Biennial of the Spanish Physics Research Society conference, July 15 - July 19, 2024 – San Sebastian

The Symposium: “Ferroelectrics: from fundamental to applications” in the  framework of the next XXXIX Biennial of the Royal Spanish Physics Society, is an excellent opportunity to share results on ferroelectric materials and related. Submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation. Deadline is March 24th 2024.

21 March 2024

This symposium will try to cover some of the exciting theoretical and experimental advances in the field of ferroelectrics that have appeared during the last few years. This covers the physics of hafnium oxide, the emergence of novel 2D ferroelectrics, membrane oxides, novel topological properties, electrocalorics, energy harvesting and multiferroics to name only a few (see the abstract below). 

Invited speakers will be:

  • Sayeef SALAHUDDIN (University of California Berkeley).
  • Jorge Iñiguez (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST))
  • Paula M. Vilarinho (Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composites, CICECO, University of Aveiro)
  • Sergei Prokhorenko (University of Arkansas)
  • Lane W. Martin (Rice University, to be confirmed)

The meeting will take place in a fascinating environment: San Sebastián. One of the most beautiful Spanish cities with a very rich cultural and gastronomical activity. The Conference will be held from July 15 - July 19, 2024. Summer time is a special nice period of the year to enjoy the place and for scientific discussion. 

Find the instructions for abstract submission (deadline 24th March) here.

A preliminary conference program can be found here.

Best presentations and best posters of junior researchers will be awarded.

Early-bird registration deadline is 20 June 2024.

We look forward to your participation!


Ferroelectrics: from fundamental to applications abstract

Since over a century, ferroelectric materials have been the main topic of numerous research, both fundamental and applied. Its progressive understanding has been the origin of successive revolutionary experimental and theoretical advances, with an impact that goes far beyond the boundary of the ferroelectric community. In recent years, the stabilization of non-trivial topological phases, the observation of ferroelectricity in nanostructured phases based on hafnium dioxide (the material chosen by the semiconductor industry for its compatibility with silicon and its high dielectric constant), the manufacture of membranes based in oxide or the new 2D ferroelectric materials based on van der Waals interactions have revolutionized the field. All of these new phases are accompanied by exotic properties (negative capacitance, chirality, giant electrocaloric responses, magnetoelectricity and multiferroicity, etc.) that have had a great impact on diverse applications, ranging from actuators to electronic memories. This conference intends to discuss the most recent breakthroughs in this discipline, which never ceases to amaze.


Date: 15-19 July 2024

Organizers: Ignasi Fina, Javier Junquera, Jacobo Santamaria

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