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ICMAB celebrates its 37th birthday with a party for its staff

The ICMAB staff organized many different activiites for their colleagues on Friday, 16 June 2023, to celebrate the Institute's anniversary. Do you want to see the winners of the activities?

Anna May
21 June 2023
Afternoon activities at the ICMAB party | ICMAB, CSIC
Afternoon activities at the ICMAB party | ICMAB, CSIC

Every year the center organizes a party full of activities organized by the Party Committee. This year, more than 75 ICMABers participated in the different activitites. In each activity there are some awards for the champions, which were this year a new Special Edition organic cotton T-shirts. 

The morning started with some morning streching by Rossella Zaffino at the ICMAB garden. 

festa 4

Morning streching with Rossella Zaffino | ICMAB, CSIC

Then we had some parallel activities: two rounds of a Escape Room, organized by Roberta Ceravola and Sara Ruiz, in which many groups participated, Board Games organized by Antoni Miguel Socias, and a Sketching Contest organized by Alejandro Santos in the garden.

festa 16

Sketching contest | ICMAB, CSIC

We also had a Bollywood dancing exhibition and dancing class by Rosario Núñez and her colleagues from the dancing group in Cerdanyola.

festa 22

Bollywood dancing | ICMAB, CSIC


And a World Cuisine Contest organized by Marina Llenas and Martí Ramis, with incredible dishes participating. We also had Chess contest, organized by Ferran Vallès, and a workshop to learn how to play Go, with Bernhard Dörling. 

festa 13

Chess and Go players at the party | ICMAB, CSIC

We could watch the semi-final and the final of the Ping-Pong tournement. The final was played between Ferran Vallès and Xavi Rodríguez. 

festa 31

Ping-Pong final between Ferran Vallès and Xavi Rodríguez | ICMAB, CSIC

For lunch we had some finger-food (croquetes, empanades, crisps...) and then 5 big paelles (one vegetarian), which the staff really enjoyed. Lunch was preceded by the "Pregó" by Darla Mare, one of the young reserachers at ICMAB who participates in several committees, and is part of the Young Researchers committee at ICMAB. 

festa 44

Paella for the ICMAB lunch party | ICMAB, CSIC

The afternoon was also full of activities. First, the awards of the activities were handed by the Director, David Amabilino, who also gave an illustration made by Alejandro Santos about the ICMAB to the former Management Team, Director Xavier Obradors and Vicedirector, M. Rosa Palacín (the other Vicedirector Riccardo Rurali could not be in the party). 

festa 41

David Amabilino, M. Rosa Palacín, Xavier Obradors and Alejandro Santos | ICMAB, CSIC

After the awards, we had the dramatised reading "Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers" by the Châtelet group, we had a bracelet workshop organized by Sara Ruiz, there were also some "Gimcana" activities in the garden organized by Darla Mare and other PhD researchers, and we ended the day with a special edition of the ICMAB Trivia organized by Guillem Vargas and Laia Avilés. 

Winners of the activities

Sketching contest

First prize for Esther Barrena, second prize for Giovanni Schievano and third prize for Susagna Ricart. You can see all the pictures of the contest here. Thank you to Alejandro Santos who organized the contest and the popular voting. 

guanyadors dibuix

Illustrations that participated in the Sketching Contest | ICMAB, CSIC

Escape Room

In the two sessions of the Escape Room, two groups managed to be the fastest and win the prize! The winner of the first session is the group formed by: Marina Llenas, Rubén Garcia, Alejandro Cuesta, Taniya Purkait, Carlos Frontera, Martí Ramis and Alexander Frebel. And the winners of the second session, the group formed by: Joan Esquius, F. Xavier Campos, José Ángel Algar, Oriol Sabater, Bernat Bozzo, Susana Lorente and Maribel Contreras.

escape guanyadors

Scape Room winners | ICMAB, CSIC


The winner of the Chess tournament was, as it has been happening for the last years, Luís Pérez. Congratulations! We would also like to thank the association "Les Torres de la UAB" for letting us the material for the chess tournament. 

festa 73

Luís Pérez, winner of the Chess tournament | ICMAB, CSIC

World Cuisine contest

The winners of the world cuisine contest were: Aiswarya Kethamkuzhi for the dish called "Panipuri", for the most original dish; : David Amabilino for the dish called "Pea refresher" for the most beautiful presentation; and Alfonsina A A Torimtubun for the dish called "Kue Nastar" for the most tasty dish. Congratulations! And thank you to the rest of the participants and the jury (Pietat Sierra, Judith Oró, Ashley Black, Alejandro Cuesta). 

guanyadors menjar

Dishes and winners of the World Cuisine contest | ICMAB, CSIC


Xavi Rodríguez was the winner of the Ping-Pong tournament. The final was very exciting and consisted of three high-level sets!

festa 58

Xavi Rodriguez, winner of the Ping-Pong tournament | ICMAB, CSIC


The winners of the FOTICMAB 2023 photo contest can be found in this other post "FOTICMAB 2023: our photo contest has amazing new winners"

ICMAB Trivia

Finally, the winner of the ICMAB Trivia are found in the following picture wearing the T-shirt Special Edition of the ICMAB.

festa 56

Winners of ICMAB Trivia and organizers | ICMAB, CSIC

Take a look here at more photos of the ICMAB party. 

All in all, a fantastic day! Happy 37th birthday, ICMAB! 

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