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International Open Access Week 2018 #OAWeek18

This week, from October 22 to October 28, we celebrate the International Open Access Week 2018, organized by the SPARC* (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), with the slogan "Setting the Default to Open". The idea is to share the idea that Open Access is the most effective way to disseminate research!

Oct 22, 2018

ICMAB authors publised in 2017 a total of 202 articles indexed in the Web of Science, from which 66 are currently open acess (22 in open access journals and 44 in hybrid journals). Moreover, from the 202 articles, 73 are found in the Digital CSIC Institutional repository, some already in open access and others still with the embargo. 

The Digital CSIC in their Annual Report 2017 showed to have more than 150,000 research documents, from which 15,151 were uploaded in 2017, and 62 % were Open Access. The Digital CSIC received more than 25 milion visits, and more than 16 milion downloads in 2017. Most of the downloads are peer review articles, conference proceedings and datasets.

From here, we would like to encourage ICMAB authors to send the articles (either preprint or postprint) to our librarian, Alejandro Santos, who is then going to upload it to the Digital CSIC, to make our research accessible to everybody. If you have any doubts concerning Open Access publishing, please contact him or visit the "Manuel Cardona" Library website

CSIC Abierto with the participation of ICMAB staff

Last year, in the issue 16 of the journal "CSIC Abierto", Alejandro Santos, our librarian & documentalist, and Mariano Campoy-Quiles, researcher at ICMAB, were interviewed to talk about Open Access mandates, APCs, and other topics related to Open Science. Here are some extracts of what they said. You can read the whole interviews here.

"Creo que existe una conciencia clara de la existencia de estas obligaciones y la voluntad de cumplirla en la medida de lo posible, si bien es algo desigual, dependiendo del investigador y de la idiosincrasia de cada grupo. Hay algunos más diligentes y exhaustivos y otros más renuentes a los que se tiene que insistir." (A. Santos)

"El impacto que he percibido en los últimos años, sobre todo con el desarrollo del programa H2020, es un interés creciente y sólido por el acceso abierto. No diría que hayamos pasado del cero al infinito pero sí del cero a una cifra alta." (A. Santos)

"Yo intento que todos mis artículos estén depositados en el repositorio institucional del CSIC. Cuando la investigación que dio lugar a un artículo no se enmarca dentro del proyecto ERC, por ejemplo si se trata de una colaboración liderada por otra institución, entonces solo los deposito en el repositorio tras la moratoria exigida por la revista." (M. Campoy-Quiles)

"La Unión Europea debería prohibir las moratorias de las editoriales al uso de repositorios, o acomodarse a las moratorias de las revistas y no exigir a los investigadores tiempos que las editoriales no aceptan. Los daños colaterales de la guerra entre la ERC y las editoriales lo están pagando la investigación y sus investigadores" (M. Campoy-Quiles).

Some activities for this week: 

Open Access mandates:

Remember the Open Access mandates (European, Plan Estatal and Severo Ochoa):

  • HORIZON 2020 (Deposit in a repository and ensure open access to the deposited publication within a maximum of six months)
  • PLAN ESTATAL ICYT (Availability in open access within a maximum of six months)
  • SEVERO OCHOA (Availability in open access within a maximum of six months) 
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