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Low Temperatures Characterization Techniques Workshop, 9 November 2023

The field of materials science has emerged as a dynamic and rapidly evolving area of research. This sustained effort has yielded the creation of novel materials boasting remarkable complexity and sophistication. The comprehensive assessment of these innovative materials demands the utilization of advanced techniques and equipment.

07 November 2023

The Magnetometry and Low Temperatures Service at ICMAB stands as an exceptional resource for the magnetic and electronic transport characterization of materials across a wide spectrum of temperatures and magnetic fields. This service houses a diverse array of equipment, enabling not only routine characterization but also the execution of custom-designed experiments. This adaptability equips the service to cater to a broad spectrum of experimental demands.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to introduce the extensive capabilities and facilities of the Magnetometry and Low Temperatures Service at ICMAB to the broader R&D&I community and to extend a warm welcome to potential new users. During the workshop, we will provide an overview of standard techniques for characterizing materials in terms of magnetic and electronic transport properties, alongside delving into some specialized topics that may be of interest to the ICMAB and nearby research community.

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