Meet the new Advanced Microwave Synthesis equipment at the NANOQUIM platform

On November 21, the new equipment acquired by the NANOQUIM platform was presented to the ICMAB staff: a new Advanced Flexible Microwave Sytnhesis Platform (flexiWAVE) from MILESTONE

The principal characteristic of this new Microwave equipment is that it has several accessories to carry out a great variety of experiments. It is designed for liquid-liquid synthesis, solid-solid synthesis, and for digestion experiments. The equipment can work, basically, in three different configurations, all within the same platform:

  1. Classic synthesis in glassware: system at atmospheric pression for chemical synthesis
  2. Synthesis at high-pressure: for chemical synthesis and digestions at high temperature
  3. Synthesis in solid-phase: for solid-solid reactions

The Microwave is equipped with many pressure and temperature (infrared and thermocouple) sensors, vapor sensors, stirring (0-400 rpm), and has the possibility to work in vacuum (> 20 mbar). 

The main benefits of this Microwave platform are that the heating and the cooling are very fast, so reactions can be performed at faster times than conventional systems, in a controlled manner, and achieving high yields.

Moreover, the reactions can take place at different pressures (from vacuum up to 100 bar), with or without stirring, with the possibility of sampling and reagents additions throughout the experiment, and using polar or non-polar solvents. Moreover, the system enables the scale-up of the experiments and the possibility to perform a fast screening of reaction conditions by means of parallel tests, selecting the best catalyst, solvent and conditions. 

Nowadays, Microwave synthesis has become a cutting-edge technology across the pharmaceutical, biotech, polymers, fine and agro-chemical industries, and we are sure that many groups from ICMAB will make a great use of it. Needless to say, the flexiWAVE system, and all the equipments in the NANOQUIM platform, are also open to external users, either public institutions or private industries

More information of the flexiWAVE by MILESTONE in this catalogue

About the NANOQUIM platform:

The NANOQUIM Platform is a 200 m2 of a 10000 class Clean Room, which counts with five laboratories, with more than 30 different scientific equipments to give service to public institutions and private industries:

  • L1: Optical Lithography Laboratory 
  • L2: Characterization at the Nanosclae Lab
  • L3: Physico-chemical Laboratory
  • L4: Chemical Synthesis Lab
  • L5: Highly Control Humidity Lab

 The NANOQUIM staff is compsed currently by a Service Manager (Prof. Teresa Puig) and four Technicians (Neus Romà, Luigi Morrone, Marta Riba and Oriol Sabater). It also has a "User's Commission" formed by ICMAB researchers and technicians. 

Since its opening, in 2007, the users of the NANOQUIM platform have continuously increased, and new equipment has been acquired, to offer a better and complete service on Materials Nanostructuration and Characterisation to all the scientific community.

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