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13 September 2013

Nanoletters published 2013-1

Ingrid CabreraElisa ElizondoOlga EstebanJosé Luis CorcheroMarta MelgarejoDaniel PulidoAlba CórdobaEvelyn MorenoUgutz UnzuetaEsther VazquezIbane AbasoloSimó SchwartzJr.Antonio VillaverdeFernando AlbericioMiriam RoyoMaria F. García-ParajoNora Ventosa*, and Jaume Veciana*

Nano Lett.201313 (8), pp 3766–3774
The integration of therapeutic biomolecules, such as proteins and peptides, in nanovesicles is a widely used strategy to improve their stability and efficacy. However, the translation of these promising nanotherapeutics to clinical tests is still challenged by the complexity involved in the preparation of functional nanovesicles and their reproducibility, scalability, and cost production. Here we introduce a simple one-step methodology based on the use of CO2-expanded solvents to prepare multifunctional nanovesicle-bioactive conjugates. We demonstrate high vesicle-to-vesicle homogeneity in terms of size and lamellarity, batch-to-batch consistency, and reproducibility upon scaling-up. Importantly, the procedure is readily amenable to the integration/encapsulation of multiple components into the nanovesicles in a single step and yields sufficient quantities for clinical research. The simplicity, reproducibility, and scalability render this one-step fabrication process ideal for the rapid and low-cost translation of nanomedicine candidates from the bench to the clinic.
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Bioactive materials for therapy and diagnosis

Multifunctional Nanovesicle-Bioactive Conjugates Prepared by a One-Step Scalable Method Using CO2-Expanded Solvents