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14 January 2013

14-01-2013 12-16-39

Elisa Elizondo, Jaume Veciana & Nora Ventosa*

Future Medicine, September 2012, Vol. 7, No. 9, Pages 1391-1408


The structuring of synthetic and biological therapeutic actives as micro- and nano-particulate materials is a widely accepted formulation strategy to improve efficacy and reduce the toxicity of drugs. However, the development of efficient production platforms that enable the formulation of these nanomedicines at an industrial scale and with the quality requirements imposed by regulatory agencies remains a challenge. In this framework, compressed fluid-based methods are promising technologies for the controlled and reproducible preparation of uniform micro- and nano-particulate nanomedicines at a large scale. This review provides an overall but practical knowledge about what has been achieved so far in the field of compressed fluids applied to the preparation of solid micro- and nanoparticles and vesicles as drug delivery systems. In addition, recent examples of application of these technologies to the production of polymeric nanostructured microparticles highly loaded with gentamicin and to the preparation of uniform cholesterol-rich vesicular systems are explained.

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Nanostructuring molecular materials as particles and vesicles for drug delivery, using compressed and supercritical fluids