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Laboratorio del Instituto Cajal del CSIC. / César Hernández.

El CSIC actualiza el ranking de investigadores españoles en Google Scholar con 10.000 nuevos perfiles

Entre las instituciones, el CSIC es la más representada con más de 6400 perfiles. Entre los centros que forman parte del organismo, destacan el Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO-CSIC), el Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN-CSIC), el Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB-CSIC) o el Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC). Le siguen las Universidades Complutense de Madrid con 5973 perfiles, Granada con 4563, Sevilla con 4141 y Barcelona con casi 4.000 perfiles. Entre las instituciones privadas destaca la Universidad de Navarra con más de 1.000 investigadores registrados.

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Nora Ventosa, nou membre del Consell per a la Recerca i la Innovació de Catalunya (CORICAT)

El Ple del Parlament ha aprovat avui la designació en representació de la cambra catalana de set nous membres del Consell per a la Recerca i la Innovació de Catalunya (CORICAT), l’òrgan consultiu del Govern per prendre les grans decisions estratègiques de país en aquests àmbits. Aquests nomenaments s’afegeixen als set membres designats per part del Govern el passat mes de juliol i permeten seguir donant compliment al calendari previst de desplegament de la Llei de la ciència de Catalunya (LCC), aprovada per ampli consens parlamentari el desembre de 2022.

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Xavier Obradors | ICMAB, CSIC

Cryogenic Materials Award for Lifetime Achievements 2023 to Xavier Obradors

The International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC) will present at the 2023 Conference the Cryogenic Materials Award for Lifetime Achievements 2023 to“recognize a lifetime’s achievement in advancing the knowledge of cryogenic materials” to Xavier Obradors (ICMAB-CSIC and RACAB, Spain) and David Evans (Rutherford Appleton Lab and Advanced Cryogenic Materials Ltd., UK). 

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Alejandro Goñi receiving the EmErgEnt award | CEEC

And the EmErgEnt winner is... SOLS: Accelerator of photovoltaic technologies

EmErgEnt Award from the Efficient Energy Cluster in Catalunya (Clúster de l’Energia Eficient de Catalunya, CEEC) in the "Llavor" category for a patented instrument at ICMAB to optimize photovoltaic cells.

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CSIC celebrates its 80th anniversary | CSIC

Happy Birthday! CSIC in Catalonia celebrates its 80th anniversary

  • Título Artículo: Happy Birthday! CSIC in Catalonia celebrates its 80th anniversary
To commemorate this anniversary, a ceremony was held at the CSIC Delegation in Barcelona, with the attendance of the Secretary General for Science Policy, the President of the CSIC, and the Government Delegate in Catalonia.


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Xavier Obradors receiving the award | Ajuntament de Manresa

Xavier Obradors, Premi Bages de Cultura 2022 Òmnium Bages-Moianès

Xavier Obradors, ICMAB Director and Research Professor, received the Premi Bages de Cultura 2022 award, surrounded by friends, family and colleagues, in the Manresa City Council on Friday 25 Nov 2022. 

This year marks the 40th edition of an award that has the purpose to distinguish a person from the Bages culture for the dissemination work within a particular artistic and cultural sphere.

"Moltes gràcies a tots i desitjo un magnífic futur a l’impuls incansable de les iniciatives d’Òmnium Cultural, de la ciutat de Manresa, de la comarca del Bages i de tota la Catalunya interior" - Xavier Obradors.

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Soft Service / U6 Nanbiosis Lab | ICMAB

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification for the Soft Scientific and Technical Service at ICMAB and Unit 6/Nanbiosis

The aim of the quality certification obtained is to ensure the quality of the service provided and to continue with its improvement and extension to future services.

The Scientific and Technical Service for the characterization of nano and biomaterials, the Soft Lab, run by the Nanomol Research Unit of the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB, CSIC), and which is part of Unit 6 of the ICTS Nanbiosis, and CIBER-BBN, aims to offer characterization services of micro- and nanostructured soft molecular materials to the entire scientific community that requires them.

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Congratulations! ICMAB is the first H2020 CSIC Institute

ICMAB is number one of the entire CSIC in securing funding from the H2020 European Research and Innovation Framework Programme. It represents 8 % of the total CSIC H2020 funding and 49 % of the Materials Area. In total, 4 CSIC Institutes in Catalunya are among the top 6. 

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Eduardo Pérez del Río looking into a microscope in an ICMAB Lab, wearing a labcoat and latex gloves

CIBER-BBN awards Eduardo Pérez del Río for his work on 3D materials for immunotherapy

ICMAB Researcher Eduardo Pérez del Río, from the Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials (NANOMOL) Group, has been awarded for one of the 4 best publications by young researchers of 2020, according to CIBER-BBN, an association of 45 research groups of excellence in the fields of bioengineering, biomatrials and biomedicine.

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David Amabilino

We welcome back David Amabilino at ICMAB

"I've had a tremendously warm welcome here on my return, and I'd like to thank everyone for their friendship. It's fantastic to be here again with such a great team of people across all levels in the ICMAB"


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A banner with a skyline on the bottom. It reads: IBA 2021 Annual Meeting 24-29 October 2021 Xiamen, China

M. Rosa Palacín awarded with the International Battery Association (IBA) Research Award

The ICMAB Deputy Director and Researcher, M. Rosa Palacín, receives this award for her significant contributions to battery research. The award comes in the context of the 2021 International Battery Association (IBA) Annual Meeting which will be celebrated on 24-29 October 2021 in Xiamen, China, an event that will bring together experts in the fields of electrochemistry, materials chemistry and energy chemistry, mathematical science and other battery related fields.

ICMAB Researcher M. Rosa Palacín, from the Solid State Chemistry (SSC) Group receives the IBA Research Award for her outstanding contributions and advances in electrochemical energy conversion and storage research.

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