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Ferroelectrics: from fundamental to applications (DFMC-GEFES) Symposium at XXXIX Biennial of the Spanish Physics Research Society conference, July 15 - July 19, 2024 – San Sebastian

  • Upcoming Date : 2024-07-15

The Symposium: “Ferroelectrics: from fundamental to applications” in the  framework of the next XXXIX Biennial of the Royal Spanish Physics Society, is an excellent opportunity to share results on ferroelectric materials and related. Submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation. Deadline is March 24th 2024.

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Symposium on Scanning probe microscopies (SPM) at XXXIX RSEF Physics Biennial, coorganized by ICMAB 15-19 JULY 2024

  • Upcoming Date : 2024-07-15

In recent years, improvements in the miniaturization and assembly processes of matter, as well as the use of novel chemical species, have placed nanotechnology as a major producer of new ma- terials: customized organic molecules, nanowires, 2D materials and materials for energy, among others. These new materials are expected to be part of future electronic devices addressing some of humanity’s current challenges, such as electronic efficiency, energy storage, climate change and disease control.

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