NOVIEMBRE, 3-6: XII Simposio de Investigadores Jóvenes

El "XII Simposio de Investigadores Jóvenes de la Real Sociedad Española de Química - Sigma Aldrich" es un congreso dirigido a investigadores de todas las áreas de la química menores de 40 años, doctores contratados o en periodo postdoctoral y estudiantes de doctorado. 

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Stefano Casalini

Hi All,

I've joined NANOMOL group for widening its experiece in Organic Electronics and eventually for opening new opportunities. This will be a great challenge, but, as we are used to say in Italy, new challenges are "the salt of the life".


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Rodrigo Uchida Ichikawa

Hello! My name is Rodrigo Uchida Ichikawa and I am a PhD student from the Nuclear and Energy Research Institute in São Paulo (IPEN-USP), Brazil, supervised by Dr. Luis Gallego Martinez. Here at ICMAB, I'll be in a split-site PhD program, through a bursary from the Brazilian government (CNPq). I will work under the supervision of Dr. Xabier Turrillas with nanomaterials characterization using mainly X-ray diffraction based techniques. Hope to see you around!

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Luisa Barrera

icmab profile

Hi all!

I'm Luisa Barrera and I just finished my third year at MIT studying Materials Science and Engineering as an undergrad.

I'm here at ICMAB until August working for Dr. Anna Roig on nanoparticles bacterial cellulose nanocomposites to be used for photocatalysis.

This is my first time staying in Barcelona for more than four days, so I'm very excited to get to know the city!

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Luiz Fernando de Sousa Lima


My name is Luiz and I'm a brazilian Chemist. I'm finishing my master in Physical Chemistry at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and I'll be at ICMAB for 2 months working with sol-gel based sistems. See ya :)

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Yoji Horii

Hello, My name is Yoji Horii and I'm from Japan. I will stay in ICMAB for two momths to research about the redox species of metal complexes under supervision of Dr. M. Mas Torrent and Dr. M. R. Ajayakumar. 

I'm also interested in the sightseeing in Barcelona. Please tell me your recommended place for sightseeing in Barcelona!

See you around at ICMAB!

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Alexis Prel


I'm Alexis Prel and I come from Paris where I just completed my bachelor degree in physics.

I am joining the ICMAB for an internship from the beginning of June to the end of July.

Trough the summer I will be under supervision of Dr Mariano Campoy to experiment on organic solar cells fabrication, which I´m very excited about!

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Francesca Leonardi


My name is Francesca Leonardi and I’ve joined the NANOMOL group as postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Dr. M. Mas Torrent.

The topic of my fellowship focuses on the development of organic transistors operated in liquid environment.

See you around!

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Guilherme Sotelo

My name is Guilherme Sotelo and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I work at Fluminense Federal University (UFF) as Assistant Professor since 2009. I work with large scale applications of superconductors, more specifically in the electrical power applications using coated conductors. I have the degree of Doctor in Science in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2007). At ICMAB I have joined the Group of Superconducting Materials & Large Scale Nanostructured, to stay here in my Sabbatical year under the supervision of Dr. Xavier Granados. 

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'Pint of Science', la iniciativa que arrasa en los bares

Esther Barrena, researcher at the SURFACES group at ICMAB, participated in the Pint of Science Festival, in May 2015, and was interviewed by La Sexta Notícias. Esther Barrena and Ana Pérez gave a talk about the nanoworld, and made the audience discover what is invisible to the eyes. 


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Guifré Parera

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Hello, I'm Guifré Parera, and I'm finishing the degree in nanoscience and nanotechnology. I will be in the Molecular and Supramolecular Materials' group until June. See you around!

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Matheus Gamino

I'm Matheus Gamino and I'm from Brazil, I have degree Doctor in Physics from Universidade Federal de Santa Marial, At ICMAB I have joined in the Laboratory of Magnetic Materials and Funcitions Oxides, to take the Post Doctoral under the supervision of Dr. Vassil Skumryev and Dr. Josep Fontcuberta.

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El ICMAB dona dos kits "Viatge dins els materials" al CESIRE

El ICMAB dona al CESIRE (Centre de Recursos Pedagògics Específics de Suport a la Innovació i la Recerca Educativa) dos kits del curso "Viatge dins els materials: àtoms i estructures cristal.lines" que estarán disponibles en préstamo para aquellas personas que estén interesadas en conocer las técnicas de caracterización de materiales, AFM, TEM y DRX.

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Josep Fontcuberta joins the International Editorial Board of "Advanced Electronic Materials"

Advanced Electronic Materials is an interdisciplinary forum for peer-reviewed, high-quality, high-impact research in the fields of materials science, physics, and engineering of electronic and magnetic materials. It includes research on physics and physical properties of electronic and magnetic materials, spintronics, electronics, device physics and engineering, micro- and nano-electromechanical systems, and organic electronics, in addition to fundamental research.


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Premio a la Excelencia Investigadora RSEQ 2015 a la Dra. Concepció Rovira Angulo

La Junta de Gobierno de la Real Sociedad Española de Química acordó aprobar la concesión del  Premio a la Excelencia Investigadora RSEQ 2015 a la Dra. Concepció Rovira Angulo en reconocimiento a sus sobresalientes contribuciones a la Química, plasmadas en desarrollos conceptuales y estudios sobre materiales moleculares multifuncionales, en particular con propiedades electrónicas y/ó magnéticas.


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Oriol Cobo

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Hello, I'm Oriol Cobo, at the present time I'm finishing chemical engineering. I'll be in Icmab working to Oxolutia until June . See you

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Rubén Tamayo

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Hello, my name is Rubén Tamayo Buisán and I'm currently studying Chemical Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). I will be for six months in Oxolutia S.L participating in a research of superconductor materials.

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Mónica Muñoz Úbeda

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Hello, my name is Mónica Muñoz and I am from Madrid. I did my PhD in the department of physical chemistry I (Colloidal and supramolecular Chemistry group) at UCM and I obtained the PhD in chemistry in 2013. I was doing a postdoc in Italy during one year before coming to nanomol group, where I am going to do a postdoc of 2 years of duration in Nora`s group. See you!!! =)

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Alvaro Tesio

I'm Alvaro from Argentine. I obtained my degree in Chemistry (2008) from Río Cuarto National University and my Ph. D. in Chemistry (2013). Now I have a postdoctoral fellowship from CONICET for working in INQUIMAE-University of Buenos Aires. My research interests are focus on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction and development new technologies and methods to understand the chemical of lithium-air batteries. I´ll be working in the ICMAB for 5 months (short postdoctoral stay). I can´t play guitar but I liked the picture!

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Arantxa González, tresorera de la nova junta d'AMIT-CAT


L’interès general per a promoure la paritat de gènere a la ciència i la tecnologia a la Comunitat Europea comença als anys 80 i culmina l’any 1999 amb la formació del grup de Hèlsinki amb l’objectiu d’examinar la situació de les dones a la ciència a 30 països.


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Carmen Ocal, vicepresidenta de la nova junta d'AMIT-CAT

L’interès general per a promoure la paritat de gènere a la ciència i la tecnologia a la Comunitat Europea comença als anys 80 i culmina l’any 1999 amb la formació del grup de Hèlsinki amb l’objectiu d’examinar la situació de les dones a la ciència a 30 països.


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ABRIL, 15-17-22, 2015: Programa Professors i Ciència de la Fundació Catalunya- La Pedrera


Se ha iniciado la inscripción a la 8ª edición del Programa Professors i Ciència de la Fundació Catalunya- La Pedrera. En esta nueva edición se ofrecen 160 plazas de formación al profesorado de secundaria de ciencias de Catalunya repartidas en 9 cursos de alto nivel de especialización y aplicabilidad en las aulas, que se realizarán durante el mes de abril y mayo de 2015.

Meetings Participation

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