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Welcome Xavi Rubio at ICMAB!

  • Nombre y apellidos: Xavi Rubio
Hello! I’m Xavi and I am in my last year of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology degree at UAB. I will be collaborating at the Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures with Teresa Puig and Cornelia Pop. My objective is to become a physicist and this experience in ICMAB will help me to achieve it.


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PostDoc position on epitaxial ferroelectric hafnium oxide

  • Deadline: 2024-04-29


The Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) is a multidisciplinary research center focused on cutting-edge research in functional advanced materials in the fields of ENERGY, ELECTRONICS, NANOMEDICINE and application fields yet to imagine. 

Post-Doctoral Researchers

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29 Feb 2024: Rare Disease Day at ICMAB!

We are happy to celebrate the Rare Disease Day and to highlight that we continue with our effort to develop a more effective treatment for Fabry disease. In the frame of the European projects Phoenix (#953110) and the recently granted Nano4Rare (#101136772), Nanomol-bio group expects to mature the development of our innovative nanopharmaceutical product named nanoGLA up to First-in-Human clinical trial.

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In-Plane Flexoelectricity in Two-Dimensional D3d Crystals

We predict a large in-plane polarization response to bending in a broad class of trigonal two-dimensional crystals. We define and compute the relevant flexoelectric coefficients from first principles as linear-response properties of the undistorted layer by using the primitive crystal cell.


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Absence of 3a0 charge density wave order in the infinite-layer nickelate NdNiO2

A hallmark of many unconventional superconductors is the presence of many-body interactions that give rise to broken-symmetry states intertwined with superconductivity. Recent resonant soft X-ray scattering experiments report commensurate 3a0 charge density wave order in infinite-layer nickelates, which has important implications regarding the universal interplay between charge order and superconductivity in both cuprates and nickelates.


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Welcome Manan Mehta at ICMAB!

  • Nombre y apellidos: Manan Mehta
Hello there, I am Manan and I come from Mumbai, India. At ICMAB, I will be working on the project, OPVStability, as an MSCA DN student under the supervision of Dr. Mariano Campoy-Quiles. I will focus on investigating OPV materials using high-throughput screening methods to improve organic photovoltaic lifetimes. Previously, I completed my Master of Research in Soft Electronic Materials from Imperial College London where I worked on Perovskite-based Memristors, Transistors, and Memtransistors in the Barnes Group. Working on Perovskites truly changes a man. Now towards more organic and greener pastures. My hobbies include football, music, reading & writing (I have my own publication!), mixed martial arts, travelling, and being curious about everything (much to my misfortune).


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Welcome Sergi Patiño at ICMAB!

  • Nombre y apellidos: Sergi Patiño
Hello! I am Sergi, a UAB's student pursuing a degree in Nanoscience/Nanotechnology. I have chosen to make my Final Project here, motivated by the ambitious topic of superconducting materials and its future usefulness. Likewise, I am looking forward to learning and contributing as much as I possibly can.


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Symposium on Scanning probe microscopies (SPM) at XXXIX RSEF Physics Biennial, coorganized by ICMAB 15-19 JULY 2024

  • Upcoming Date : 2024-07-15

In recent years, improvements in the miniaturization and assembly processes of matter, as well as the use of novel chemical species, have placed nanotechnology as a major producer of new ma- terials: customized organic molecules, nanowires, 2D materials and materials for energy, among others. These new materials are expected to be part of future electronic devices addressing some of humanity’s current challenges, such as electronic efficiency, energy storage, climate change and disease control.

Meetings Organization

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"Dones en ciència: històries inspiradores que trenquen barreres" (22 FEB 2024)

  • Upcoming Date : 2024-02-22

Trobada-debat amb Nora Ventosa (Professora d'investigació a l'ICMAB i Directora de nanomol-TECNIO), MªJosé Esplandiu (Investigadora Científica a l'ICN2), Judith Oró (Tècnica del Servei de Microscòpia i Coordinadora tècnica dels SCT de l'ICMAB) i Isabel Guerrero (investigadora postdoctoral contractada, ICMAB)

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La UGR ha acogido la reunión del proyecto europeo NABIHEAL, sobre generación de biomateriales para la cicatrización de heridas complejas

La reunión, celebrada los días 7 y 8 de febrero, fue inaugurada por el vicerrector de Investigación y Transferencia de la Universidad de Granada, Enrique Herrera, y por la coordinadora del proyecto, Nora Ventosa, investigadora del CIBER y del ICMAB-CSIC; y ha contado con la presencia de 38 investigadores de los socios del consorcio procedentes del Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER) del Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Barcelona (ICMAB, del Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER), de la Universidad de Extremadura y la Universidad de Cantabria, del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Nanomol Technologies S.L. (NT), Bioiberica S. A. U (BIO), Histocell S. L (HCELL) y Asphalion (ASPH); MyBiotech GmbH (MyB) y Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin (CH), de Alemania; del Instituto de Investigación Médica y Salud Laboral (IMI) de Croacia; de la Universidad de Aarhus (AU), de Dinamarca; del Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (IT), de Israel; de BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN), de Austria, y de la Universidad de Maribor (UM), de Eslovenia.

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Judith Guasch

¿Hidrogeles sintéticos para mejorar la inmunoterapia contra el cáncer?

La inmunoterapia es uno de los campos de investigación más prometedores en la lucha contra el cáncer, pero necesita mucha investigación para superar ciertas limitaciones detectadas hasta ahora. Por ejemplo, en el caso de las inmunoterapias personalizadas basadas en células CAR-T es importante mejorar los sistemas de producción celulares para que tengan buena calidad y se puedan generar de forma rápida y económica. Las células CAR-T son linfocitos modificados genéticamente para que sean capaces de detectar el tumor de forma efectiva. Son, en otras palabras, el medicamento que se utiliza en las inmunoterapias celulares.

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Polar Polymorphism: A New Intermediate Structure toward the Thin-Film Phase in Asymmetric Benzothieno[3,2-b][1]-benzothiophene Derivatives

Understanding structure and polymorphism is relevant for any organic device optimization, and it is of particular relevance in 7-decyl-2-phenyl[1]benzothieno[3,2-b][1]benzothiophene (Ph-BTBT-10) since high carrier mobility in Ph-BTBT-10 thin films has been linked to the structural transformation from the metastable thin-film phase to the thermodynamically stable bilayer structure via thermal annealing.


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Welcome Ahmad Marwazi bin Mohd Suhaimi

  • Nombre y apellidos: Ahmad Marwazi bin Mohd Suhaimi
Allow me to introduce myself: I am Mozi, from beautiful Malaysia, a passionate bioinformatician eager to embark on a transformative journey within the dynamic realm of nanotechnology alongside the esteemed Nanomol group under the visionary leadership of Nora Ventosa. In this grand tapestry of life, I am but one thread, yet woven together with others, we create a masterpiece of love, compassion, and endless possibility. And so, I embrace the journey with open arms, knowing that within me lies the power to shape my destiny and leave an indelible mark on the world. Bring the rocks into sciences and enjoy the dance ;D


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Welcome Daniel Rodríguez Urbano at ICMAB!

  • Nombre y apellidos: Daniel Rodríguez Urbano
Hello! I am Dani and I am a communications specialist. My job here will be to be in charge of the outreach of EU-funded projects at the N&N group. I was born in Rubí, a town nearby, but now I live in Barcelona. Amongst my hobbies, are climbing, studying foreign languages, and photography. It will be a pleasure meeting you.


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Towards understanding the functional mechanism and synergistic effects of LiMn2O4 - LiNi0.5 Mn0.3 Co0.2O2 blended positive electrodes for Lithium-ion batteries

Blended positive electrodes consisting of mixtures of LiMn2O4 spinel (LMO) and layered LiNi0.5Mn0.3Co0.2O2 (NMC) have been studied by coupling electrochemical testing to operando synchrotron based X-ray absorption and powder diffraction experiments to shed light on their redox mechanism.


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Welcome Fatemeh Geramipour at ICMAB!

  • Nombre y apellidos: Fatemeh Geramipour

My name is Fatemeh Geramipour, holding a Master's degree in Materials Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran. I will study a PhD program on metal anode-based batteries under the supervision of Dr. Alexandre Ponrouch.

I am interested in studying electrochemistry, materials characterization, and conducting electrochemical tests. Thus, through my eyes, working on batteries is a fascinating field full of interesting activities.

I enjoy skating and walking, especially when it is simultaneous with listening to music. Apart from it, hanging out with my friends and people I love brings me happiness and energy. I'm looking forward to meeting you and collaborating with you to shape a better future for our world. 


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Welcome María Valeria Carreto Lima at ICMAB!

  • Nombre y apellidos: María Valeria Carreto Lima
I am studying for a master's degree in materials chemistry at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and is currently doing a research stay in Barcelona with the research group of Dr. Rosario Núñez.


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New artificial snowmaking technology could offer a lifeline to struggling ski resorts (CNN, 22-Jan-2024)

Nestled in the Pyrenees mountains, La Molina is Spain’s oldest ski resort. It boasts the biggest superpipe in the Pyrenees and its slopes have hosted high-profile events, from the Alpine Skiing World Cup to the Snowboard World Championships. But La Molina now faces an existential threat: A dearth of snow.

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Fluorescent Switchable Surfaces Based on Quantum Dots Modified With Redox-Active Molecules

By combining the switching ability of redox molecules with the unique fluorescence properties of quantum dots (QDs), a robust electrochemical fluorescence switch is developed here. This is realized by grafting CdSe/ZnS QDs on transparent indium tin oxide (ITO) substrates and, subsequently, modifying them with a Ferrocene (Fc) molecular monolayer.


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The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting will be on 1-2 Feb 2024

  • Upcoming Date : 2024-02-01
On 1-2 February 2024, the ICMAB Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting will take place to evaluate the research lines and the overall performance of the Institute. 
The SAB is composed of 9 worldwide scientific experts in the areas of the targeted research of our Severo Ochoa project: Smart Functional Materials for a Better Future (FUNFUTURE) in the areas of Clean Energy, Sustainable Electronics and Smart Nanomedicine.

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Nanothermometer Based on Polychlorinated Trityl Radicals Showing Two-Photon Excitation and Emission in the Biological Transparency Window: Temperature Monitoring of Biological Tissues

Nanothermometers are emerging probes as biomedical diagnostic tools. Especially appealing are nanoprobes using NIR light in the range of biological transparency window (BTW) since they have the advantages of a deeper penetration into biological tissues, better contrast, reduced phototoxicity and photobleaching. This article reports the preparation and characterization of organic nanoparticles (ONPs) doped with two polychlorinated trityl radicals (TTM and PTM), as well as studies of their electronic and optical properties.


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L´escola José Echegaray de Martorell presenta el programa MAGNET, en aliança amb l´ICMAB-CSIC, amb l´objectiu de promoure la ciència entre l´alumnat

Tal com ha explicat la directora del centre, Cristina Dalmau, “ens vam adonar que havia arribat el moment de fer un pas endavant en les ciències a l’escola, i això ens va portar a adherir-nos al programa ‘Magnet’. Així, hem treballat juntament amb l’ICMAB el pensament de la metodologia científica, i ara al centre no només experimentem, sinó que també indaguem i ens fem moltes preguntes. A l’Echegaray construïm aprenentatge, i a partir d’ara aquest tindrà uns fonaments molts sòlids basats en la ciència”.

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La Universidad de Cantabria incorpora al investigador Leonardo Scarabelli, que ha obtenido una Starting Grant del Consejo Europeo de Investigación

El investigador italiano Leonardo Scarabelli se incorporará a la Universidad de Cantabria (UC) en los próximos meses para llevar a cabo su proyecto “Nanogrowdirect: Nanoparticles in Situ Surface Growth for Direct Fabrication of Functional Patterned Nanomaterials", que ha obtenido una financiación de más de 2 millones de euros en la convocatoria de ayudas Starting Grant del Consejo Europeo de Investigación (ERC), con una duración de 60 meses.

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Talent Officer

  • Deadline: 2024-02-29

The Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) is recruiting a highly motivated professional as a Talent Officer. The successful candidate will be part of the Strategic Projects Unit (SPU) and will be responsible of the Talent Attraction and Retention Office and its strategy together with the SPU and the Direction team.

Jobs General & Scientific Services

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Wireless magneto-ionics: voltage control of magnetism by bipolar electrochemistry

Modulation of magnetic properties through voltage-driven ion motion and redox processes, i.e., magneto-ionics, is a unique approach to control magnetism with electric field for low-power memory and spintronic applications. So far, magneto-ionics has been achieved through direct electrical connections to the actuated material. Here we evidence that an alternative way to reach such control exists in a wireless manner.


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