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Offer for a position as the director of UAM technical services

Offer for a position as the director of UAM technical services ( Details should be obtained from attached document from the official bulleting of Madrid.

02 April 2017

Summary of the description of the position:


- Three years experience in scientific research support services.

- Leadership, communication and team work.

- Experience in design of instrumentation.

- Proficient in English.

Work to be carried out:

- Supervision, organization and decision making at SEGAINVEX. Coordination between sections and working groups.

- Design, construction and consulting of advanced scientific instrumentation, including structural support systems, high pressure equipment, vacuum and ultra high vacuum, low temperatures, instrument control, monitoring, as well as all other needs where the SEGAINVEX services are required by the users.

- Coordination and management of research infrastructure common with other institutions of the Campus.

- Management of the resources allocated to SEGAINVEX.

- Development of the infrastructure and research policies of UAM within the SEGAINVEX.

- Communication with the vicerrectorate and management systems on which the SEGAINVEX depends.

- Provide support for proposal writing for grants and projects in scientific infrastructures. Project supervision.

- Managing and approval of billing and purchasing service.

- Any other requirement

Additional information:

- We seek for an engineer.

- Experience in the public tender system.

- Experience in computer aided design and simulation.

- Experience in project management.

- Experience in management of workplace hazards.

- Knowledge in informatics.

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