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ICMAB Upcoming Events

Open Doors at our Scientific Equipment Platforms: 29 June 2022

We welcome all students, technicians, researchers from universities, technological centers, start ups and companies to visit us on this day to see what we can do for your science!

Anna May
17 June 2022

For each Scientific Equipment Platform, a presentation of the equipment and services will be provided by one of the technicians working in the scientific and technical service.

Then, this short presentation will be followed by a reserach application example, given by one of our researchers working with the equipment for advanced research.

The idea is to show you what our Scientific Equipment Platforms can do for you!

After the talks there will be an open doors visit to the labs, so you will be able to see the equipment and ask questions to the people in charge of them.

Take a look at our programme and register here* (and choose the services you'd like to visit).

First session:

9:35- 9:40 

Welcome: Carlos Frontera (Scientific Equipment Platforms co-coordinator)


  • BioserviceMiriam de Miguel 
  • From theory to bio applications at ICMAB: Jordi Faraudo





10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Second session:


  • Electron Microscopy Service: Judith Oró
  • Ordered arrays of silver nanoparticles for narrow bandwidth lattice plasmon resonances: Ylli Conti



  • Thermal Analysis Laboratory: Roberta Ceravola 
  • Thermal Analysis (N2 adsorption and TGA) at ICMAB: essential methods for the characterisation of porous and composite materials: Ana López 


  • Thin Films Laboratory: Raul Solanas 
  • Thin films for antiferromagnetic memory applications: Alberto Quintana



Open doors to the Labs

12:00h-13:00h Visit  to the Labs - Open doors visit to our Scientific Equipment Platforms! 

Download the programme here

This event is organized in the framework of the "Semana de la Administración Abierta" of the Spanish Government to promote the Open Administration (Gobierno Abierto y Transparencia). 

SAA 2022

You can check the events of the Open Administration Week in the website. 

saa icmab

*Certificates of attendance will only be given to those who have registered through this form. 

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