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PhD offer on high-resolution NMR & DNP of biomaterials in Sorbonne Université

PhD offer in the field of "the observation of low gyromagnetic ratio nuclei in biomaterial environments through hyperpolarization enhanced magnetic resonance". The PhD will take place between the Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris in Sorbonne Université and the Institut Charles Gerhardt in Montpellier. The application process remains open until a suitable candidate is found.
14 July 2020
The proposed PhD thesis aims at optimizing 43Ca DNP NMR for the analysis of Ca environments in synthetic biomaterials, and then extending this new technique to the in-depth study of bones of normal and genetically engineered mice, in view of expanding our understanding of human bone pathologies. Moreover, the investigation of other poorly-sensitive cations of biological relevance (Mg2+, K+ ) using these new DNP methods will be looked into, to gain additional information on the structure of biomaterials.

For more information, please download the PhD Offer here. 

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