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Pubished the proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Nitrides (ISNT2019)

The proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Nitrides (ISNT2019), which took place in Barcelona between 9 and 13 June 2019, are now published in the Journal of the European Ceramic Society (Elsevier). The invited editors of this special edition are ICMAB Researcher, Amparo Fuertes, and Ralf Riedel, from the Technische Universität Darmstadt, co-Chairs of the symposium. 

21 October 2020

The ISNT2019 conference covered the following aspects of the chemistry and physics of nitrides:

  • Theory and modelling
  • Novel materials and synthetic approaches
  • Crystal chemistry
  • Thin films, sintering and metallurgy
  • Glasses and glass-ceramics
  • Silicon nitride and SiAlON ceramics
A special session on young researchers was also scheduled. ISNT2019 attracted an interdisciplinary audience represented by scientists from 11 countries around the world that discussed about many frontier aspects of recent results in the materials science of nitride compounds.

foto convalescencia uab nitrides low

Figure: Casa de la Convalescència in Barcelona, where the ISNT2019 conference took place.

Contents of the proceedings

 The proceedings published in the Journal of the European Cearmic Society (Elsevier) consist of 7 articles with the following titles:

The editors would like to thank all the conference participants and organizers, and the funding entities, for making the ISNT2019 conference possible and a great success. 


10th International Symposium on Nitrides
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Volume 40, Issue 16,
Pages 6279-6328 (December 2020)

Cover Figure: Group photo of the participants at the ISNT2019 conference, on 9-13 June 2020.

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