Slow-spin relaxation of a low-spin S = 1/2 FeIII carborane complex

Ana B. BuadesVictor S. ArderiuLindley MaxwellMartín AmozaDuane Choquesillo-LazarteNúria Aliaga-AlcaldeClara ViñasFrancesc Teixidor* and  Eliseo Ruiz*.  Chem. Commun., 2019,55, 3825-3828. 


In this communication, we report the first evidence of slow-spin relaxation of a low-spin FeIII carborane complex. Iron S = 1/2 complexes showing such behaviour are particularly appealing as qubit candidates because they fulfil some of the main requirements to reach long decoherence times, such as moderate magnetic anisotropy, small spin, metal element mainly with zero-nuclear spin and furthermore, large versatility to introduce chemical modifications.


Tuneable and low cost molecular electronics

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