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Synthetic approaches in oxynitride chemistry
30 October 2018

Amparo Fuertes. Progress in Solid State Chemistry, Volume 51, September 2018, Pages 63-70.

Mixed anion oxides are emerging materials showing a variety of physical and chemical properties. Among them oxynitrides are widely investigated because of notable photocatalytic, dielectric, luminescent and electronic properties. Nitrides show more positive free energies of formation than oxides because of the higher stability of N2 molecule with respect to O2 and the unfavourable electron affinity of nitrogen compared to oxygen. However the stability of oxynitrides is higher than for nitrides, and they easily form from oxides in presence of reactive gases as NH3. In addition to ammonolysis several synthetic strategies have been developed in the last years leading to the stabilization of relevant materials with a variety of structures. In this review we will discuss recent progress in the synthesis of oxynitrides emphasizing the importance of kinetic factors and the influence of preparative parameters on the structure types and oxidation states of the cations, and the consequences on physical properties.


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Synthetic approaches in oxynitride chemistry