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"Truxene-related organic semiconductors: From flexible electronics to environmental remediation" by Berta Gómez-Lor (Mon, 13 Dec 2021)

We would like to invite you to our next ICMAB Invited Seminar, by Berta Gómez-Lor from ICMM-CSIC.

01 December 2021

The seminar will take place at the Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles and online.

Truxene-related organic semiconductors: From flexible electronics to environmental remediation

by Berta Gómez-Lor, ICMM-CSIC

Monday, 13 December 2021, 12 pm
ICMAB-Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles and Online by Zoom. Register here to attend.


Truxene is a semiconducting molecule that can be considered as a 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene planarized through three bridging methylene groups, giving rise to a π-conjugated heptacyclic system. By varying the nature of the bridging units, different molecules can be obtained that share the geometry of truxene but show a completely different redox and semiconducting behavior. Thus, the structurally related truxenone, triindole or diazatruxenone behave as n-, p- type and ambipolar semiconductors respectively. Due to their planar trigonal topology, these molecules are of great interest not only in the development of self-assembling materials but also as building blocks in the construction of semiconductor COFs and porous polymers.

In this talk we will present our achievements in the development of high mobility self-assembling molecular materials based on different truxene-related platforms for their incorporation into electronic devices. We will also present our efforts in the synthesis of new high-surface porous polymers based on truxene monomers and their use as heterogeneous photocatalysts in applications ranging from the generation of high-energy chemicals to environmentally relevant transformations


Berta Gómez-Lor received her PhD. in Organic Chemistry from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (1992) under the direction of Prof. Enrique Guitián.

After two years of postdoctoral stay in Sandoz Pharma, Basel, with Dr. Gideon Shapiro and at the University of Illinois with Prof. Scott E. Denmark she joined the group of Prof. A. M. Echavarren at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) as a post-doctoral associate. In 2001 she obtained a position as a Ramon y Cajal researcher in the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid (CSIC) and since 2003 is a scientist at CSIC. In July 2009 she was promoted to CSIC Scientific Researcher.

Berta Gómez-Lor research interest focuses on the synthesis of organic semiconducting materials. In this area, Berta Gómez-Lor, brings a strong background in organic synthesis and an accumulated experience of over 15 years of dedication to the development of functional nanostructures for applications in flexible electronics, sensing  and photocatalysis. Along her career she has been principal investigator of 12 competitive research Projects and has published more than 80 papers in high impact journals. She has supervised 5 PhD thesis, and other 2 are currently under progress.



Hosted by Esther Barrena, SURFACES Group, ICMAB-CSIC

Register here to attend by Zoom. 

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