ICMAB celebrates its 32 anniversary

ICMAB celebrates its 32 anniversary

News Commemorations 29 May 2018 1522 hits Anna May Masnou

Every spring, ICMAB celebrates its anniversary with a party for all the members of the Institute. ICMAB was founded in 1986, so this year we celebrated its 32 anniversary! From early in the morning until mid-afternoon, a lot of different activities were organized by many volunteers, so that everybody could particiapate and enjoy the day. 


Most of the staff participated in many of the activities:

  • For the first time we had an orienteering race, which allowed the 62 participants to discover a lot of hidden parts of the UAB Campus.
  • We had the traditional Party&Co, Poker and chess tournaments, for those who did not want to run but wanted to have a bit of fun. More than 40 people participated in these contests!
  • We also had the traditional table tennis championship, and the final during the day.
  • Other activities were tango lessons, a Rubik's cube workshop, in which one could learn how to solve it in 5 minutes, the concert by the ICMAB choir, a League of Legends tournament, a cake contest and, of course, the results of the FOTICMAB photo contest. 

Prizes were given to all the winners of every competition. 

We would like to thank all the volunteers who organized the activities, and to all the staff for participating and making this a very special event for the Institute. 

If you want to know more about the origins of ICMAB, please visit here: https://resources.icmab.es/annualreport2016/3-severo-ochoa/origin-of-icmab

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