Spectroscopic Techniques Laboratory




The ICMAB Spectroscopy Service was created with the main objective to provide centralised equipments and installations mainly to the research ICMAB groups though the service is also opened to external users. The priority of this service is to offer the highest levels of technology and quality to satisfy the requirements of the research lines currently underway in our institute. The currently equipments available are: EPR, UV-Vis-NIR, FT-IR and RAMAN. For EPR and RAMAN equipments highly qualified technical staff is employed. The rest of the equipments are mainly used on a self-service regime. Three types of spectroscopy techniques have been carried out: a) Molecular spectroscopy: The systems available in our laboratory allow analytical and physic-chemical studies of organic and inorganic molecules (in solid or liquid state) in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared energy range. b) Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: The EPR allows to detect and study transient and stable paramagnetic species such as free radicals, over a very wide range of temperatures.


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