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10-12 NOV: EXPOMINER: Feel the energy of the earth... with us!

2017 is the year of minerals as an energy resource. EXPOMINER (10-12 November) has chosen as its theme the relationship between minerals, energy and sustainable development. ICMAB, a research center of materials science, will participate in the event with some amazing talks from our researchers and interactive workshops. Join us in this event! 

10 November 2017

Come and discover all the activities about solar cells, bateries, superconductors and graphene that we have ready for you in EXPOMINER.

We have prepared the following talks for you (program here):

  • Del carbó al Grafè: Noves tecnologies a partir del combustible fòssil - by Dr. Gerard Tobias (Friday 10 Nov, 1 pm)
  • La energía solar es sostenible... ¿las células solares también? - by Dr. Mariano Campoy-Quiles (Saturday 11 Nov, 11 am)
  • Minerals, materials i tecnologies de bateries - by Dr. Rosa M. Palacín (Saturday 11 Nov, 12 pm)
  • De les perovskites als superconductors - by Dr. Susagna Ricart (Sunday 12 Nov, 12 pm)

And the following related workshops for all the family (in Catalan here):

  • Let's make batteries with lemons!
    This workshop will show you what's it like to be a real researcher! Come and discover how batteries work. These are the devices that enable us to use our computer and mobile phone even when they're not plugged in. And we'll learn to make one using a lemon.
  • The sustainability of solar energy.
    We know that the Sun is a source of renewable energy but how can we use it? And how can we do it without damaging the planet? Come to this workshop to discover which materials are used to capture solar energy and turn it into electricity.
  • Levitate with superconductors.
    Can you imagine a train that travels without touching the rails? This workshop will show you how this may be possible, thanks to superconducting materials. Come and play with trains that levitate and objects that spin endlessly in the air!
  • A revolutionary material: graphene. 
    Do you know what graphene is? Have you heard about it? And do you know what it can be used for? This workshop will show you how we can obtain this famous material that everyone is talking about using a simple pencil. That's how the people who won the Nobel Prize did it!


Join us this November in EXPOMINER! 

More information:

EXPOMINER will take place on 10-12 November 2017 at Recinte Montjuïc. 


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