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Xavier Obradors is the Director of ICMAB

Welcome to our website. Through this portal we want to communicate with you. We hope that you will find here all you would like to know about the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB) and also that you use it to contact us for any queries or suggestions.

The ICMAB is a research institute of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the largest public research organization of Spain focusing on basic and applied research. The ICMAB, which is already more than three decades old, keeps its initial enthusiasm in materials research, which makes it a very attractive place to work on advanced materials for young talented researchers. The mission of ICMAB is “to generate new knowledge in Advanced Materials Science and transfer it to the society, particularly to industry within the European Research Area”.

The Institute has achieved an international research leadership in Materials Science, as it is demonstrated by its outstanding scientific contribution over the past few years. With more than 5,650 articles, 180,000 citations (>13.000 cit/year) and an outstanding h-factor of 152 and 18 % of its publications included into the set of the most cited papers. The international leadership in materials science was recognized with the Severo Ochoa excellence award, received in 2016, the only one in the topic in Spain, and recently in 2020 for a second time. 

"The Institute has achieved an international research leadership in Materials Science, as it is demonstrated by its outstanding scientific contribution over the past few years"

At present the ICMAB includes about 390 people with 62 scientists as permanent staff and a total of about 200 researchers of many nationalities (> 30). Our research program and strategic plan is centred on “Smart FUNctional MATerials for a better FUTURE” (FUNFUTURE). One of our objectives is to boost a brilliant future to young scientists trained at ICMAB. Our commitment is to enhance the international leadership and visibility of ICMAB, as well as to increase our success in transferring to the society the generated knowledge and technologies. We are convinced that our work will benefit people to face socio-economic challenges, such as the transition towards a clean and secure energy, the implementation of smart and sustainable electronic technologies or a smart nanomedicine.

Nine Research Units with leading scientists contribute to develop five major Research Lines:

  • Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage System
  • Superconducting Materials for Emerging Technologies
  • Oxides for New Generation Electronics
  • Tuneable and Low Cost Molecular Electronics
  • Bioactive Materials for Therapy and Diagnosis

Xavier Obradors

These Research Lines currently represent the core research activities at the Institute and they are fully combined with a transverse strategy to the search for new knowledge generation in advanced materials.

The Institute has a strong interdisciplinary profile with publications classified as ~30 % Materials Multidisciplinary, ~25% Applied Physics and Chemistry Multidisciplinary, ~20 % Condensed Matter Physics and Physical Chemistry and ~15 % Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The Institute has a large number of scientific platforms with advanced equipment and a strong collaboration with the attractive institutional environment offered by Universitat  Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Campus, where ICMAB is located. The UAB Campus represents the perfect setting for interdisciplinary collaborations and it includes the nearby ALBA Synchrotron radiation centre. The Institute also has established many other collaborations with prestigious EU large institutions.

Our R&D activities span a broad scope and they are baked by state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation and specialized technical staff available in our scientific platforms and laboratories. Our capabilities and our willingness to deploy R&D activities in the forefront of international knowledge is continuously contributing to advance in research. It is particularly outstanding the success of ICMAB in attracting international funds for R&D, for instance in 2020 more than 30 European Grants were running, 9 of them being the prestigious European Research Council Grants.Our outputs also contribute to create economic value and so we promote initiatives fostering the cooperation with the industry thus contributing to generate innovation. We are also fully committed to the responsible return to the society of the benefits derived from research. ICMAB is very active in scientific outreach and science communication, as well as gender equality promotion.In summary, ICMAB is an attractive Institute with a strong international flavour and we are specially very proud of the large effort undertaken to train young scientists. Our enthusiasm and the attractive environment makes it a very appealing place for talented students. So don’t hesitate to join us!

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