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About the ICMAB

The Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) is a multidisciplinary research center focused on cutting-edge research in functional advanced materials in the fields of ENERGY, ELECTRONICS, NANOMEDICINE and application fields yet to imagine.

Director's Message

David Amabilino is the Director of ICMAB

Facilities Rental

ICMAB offers a variety of facilities and tools available to cover many kinds of technical and communication needs. All of the facilities are supported by experienced staff and technicians to ensure the proper function of the service. 


Our R&D activities are strongly backed up by state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation and specialised technical staff available in our scientific services. 


The ICMAB is a member of the following networks

Historical Facts

The ICMAB, which is already more than three decades old, keeps its initial enthusiasm in generating new knowledge in materials science research, and transferring it to the society and the industry. 


The ICMAB is a member of the following networks


The ICMAB therefore offers a complete range of scientific services, including a 10,000 class cleanroom (the Nanoquim Platform) that are open to interested parties, whether these are academic or from industry, and it participates in all kinds of educational and promotional activities. 


ICMAB is the people. Each year, more than 500 people work at the ICMAB, either doing research, such as the undergraduate or Master students, PhD or Postdoctoral researchers, technicians or senior scientist and visiting researchers

Severo Ochoa Project

The ICMAB became a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence in 2016, becoming one of the top research centers in Spain in Materials Science, and renewed the seal of excellence in 2020.