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#11F: "Our scientists in the school" for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The CSIC Delegation in Catalunya wants to contribute to the promotion of scientific vocations in young girls, and facilitate the contact between them and the scientists from the nearby research centers. For this reason, an educational action in the framework of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February) is organized, consisting on school visits by some CSIC researchers, who will explain their research projects and their life as a scientist to primary school students.

08 February 2019

Our scientists in the school

The idea is to encourage scentific curiosity and exchange the knowledge between women and girls in science. 

From the ICMAB, Arántzazu González participates in this initiative, called "Nuestras científicas: Jornada de investigadoras actuales y futuras" on Monday, 11 February, at the Escola Can Maiol (Barcelona) with students of 6-7 years old (1r Primària). She will be with four other scientists, explaining their research to the young students: Gemma Fabrias (IQAC-CSIC), Julia Rose Zinsmeister (CRAG), Neus Ibáñez and Teresa Garnatje (Institut Botànic de Barcelona).  

Other talks at schools

Apart from this initiative, two other scientists from the ICMAB will go to secondary schools on 11 February, to give some talks about their research and life as a scientist, in the framework of

  • Ana M. López will visit the highschool INS J.V. Foix, in Rubí
  • Anna Laromaine will visit the school "Col.legi Públic Marta Mata", in Girona

Seminar on 11F: Lise Meitner and AMIT-CAT

At the ICMAB, we also partipate in the 11F with a seminar on Lise Meitner by Xavier Roqué (11 Februrary, 11 am), and a presentation of the STEM-AMB-TU initiative from AMIT-CAT (11 Februrary, 12 pm).


Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers

On Wednesday, 13 February, and Tuesday, 19 February, we will receive the visit of two schools, who will come and see our dramatised reading "Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers", performed by scientists and support staff of our center, which features different women scientists from our history: Hypatia of Alexandria, Rosalind Franklin, or Vera Rubin, to name a few! The students will also participate in some workshops and lab visits to know more about our research in nanotechnology and materials science.

We also have a photocall in our hall, so that everyone can take a picture and share it on the social networks. 


This initiative to visibilize women scientists has counted with the participation of all the ICMAB staff. We asked them: which is your favorite women scientist, and why? With the results, we created banners with the women scientist they chose, and spread them through our social networks, on our screens in the building, and in our website: 

goeppert mayer

More information:

Press Release in the CSIC website (Download here)

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