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A work by Marta Mas-Torrent and co-workers highlighted in Advanced Science News

The article "A Solid‐State Aqueous Electrolyte‐Gated Field‐Effect Transistor as a Low‐Voltage Operation Pressure‐Sensitive Platform" from Marta Mas-Torrent and co-workers was highlighted in Advanced Science News. The work presents a proof-of-concept of a new transduction mechanism that can be exploited to fabricate pressure-responsive organic devices.

05 November 2019

Image result for advanced science news"The news post, by Jolke Perelaer is entitled "Aqueous Electrolyte-Gated Organic Transistors as Pressure Sensors".

"It was demonstrated that due to the dipolar nature of water, water molecules trapped in the organic semiconductors can give rise to OFETs that respond to pressure. Considering this, a transistor employing a hydrogel (i.e., agarose) as electrolyte dielectric was fabricated."

You can read the whole post here. 

Reference article:

A Solid-State Aqueous Electrolyte-Gated Field-Effect Transistor as a Low-Voltage Operation Pressure-Sensitive Platform
Qiaoming Zhang, Francesca Leonardi,* Raphael Pfattner, and Marta Mas-Torrent*
Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 6, 1900719
DOI: 10.1002/admi.201900719


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