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A year in review: ICMAB Top 10 Journals of 2019

During 2019, ICMAB researchers have written more than 220 articles in international peer-review science journals of various disciplines: chemistry, physics, materials, nanotechnology, photonics, energy, superconductivity, biochemistry, etc. We have selected in this post the journals in which our researchers publish most of the articlesDo you want to know which they are?

Dec 31, 2019
  1. The journal which have most of the ICMAB 2019 articles is Physical Review B, with 11 articles.
  2. ACS Applied Electronic Materials and Physical Review Materials come in second place, with 7 articles. 
  3. Applied Physics Letters and Nano Letters come in third place, with 6 articles.
  4. With 5 published articles in each journal, we have Advanced Electronic Materials, Chemical Communications, Journal of Materials Chemistry C and Nanoscale
  5. Finally, with 4 articles, Inorganica Chimica Acta, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Nanoscale Advances, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics and Scientific Reports

Then, we have 10 journals with 3 articles each, 23 journals with 2 articles each, and 72 journals with one article. In total, 229 articles in 120 journals. 

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