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Josep Fontcuberta delivers a total of 60 lectures as a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Magnetics Society during 2016

During 2016, as a distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Magnetics Society, Josep Fontcuberta has delivered 60 talks in 56 research centers and universities and he has visited 56 different cities around four continents.

17 January 2017

The IEEE Magnetics Society, leading international professional organization for magnetism and for related professionals throughout the world, appointed ICMAB researcher Josep Fontcuberta as a Distinguished Lecturer in 2016. The objective of the IEEE Magnetics Distinguished Lecturer program is to disseminate progress and advances in the field of magnetism and to involve the international scientific community in its broadest sense. The program supports the different associated chapters of the society by making available lecturers who can inspire and encourage new researchers, particularly the younger ones, to start an activity and a professional career in magnetism. Each year, the IEEE Magnetics selects up to four "Distinguished Lecturers (DL)".

Recently, Josep Fontcuberta has also rejoined the editorial board of the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials for the period of 2017-2019.





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