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Alghero, 3-7 SEPT 2019: International Summer School on Hybrid (bio)Nanostructures #HyNano

In the framework of the MSCA-RISE 2017 H2020 Project: Hybrid Nanostructured Oligonucleotide Platforms for Biomedical Applications (Nano-OligoMed), the International Summer School on Hybrid (bio) Nanostructures (HyNano), which is focused on hybrid organic-inorganic materials containing biomolecules or having bioinspired structures, will take place in Alghero (Italy) between 3-7 September 2019. Nora Ventosa from the NANOMOL group is Invited Speaker. Register before 30 June 2019! 

29 May 2019

The School

In the framework of the Marie Curie - RISE 2017 H2020 Project: Hybrid Nanostructured Oligonucleotide Platforms for Biomedical Applications - Nano-OligoMed (778133) the consortium project, in which NANOMOL Technologies participates, and the Materials Science and Nanotechnology Laboratory of the University of Sassary invite you to participate in the International summer school on Hybrid (bio) Nanostructures, which is focused on hybrid organic-inorganic materials containing biomolecules or having bioinspired structures.

This summer school will allow to broaden knowledge in different types of materials, from oligonucleotides based structures to liposomes, silica constructs and soft matter. The school includes a visit to Porto Conte Ricerche and to the laboratories of Prof. Plinio Innocenzi, where the students can see in action some of the equipment for material characterization.

This summer school offers the possibility to revise some of the last discoveries in the field using a multidisciplinary approach with some of the best known and active researchers in the field. It is a unique opportunity to share ideas and deepen your background during the full time of the school.


The summer school will be held in the Santa Chiara Building on the ancient walls of Alghero city.

The city offers a wide choice of accommodations (hotels, B&B, apartments) at walking distance from the summer school site.

Situed in the northwest coast of Sardinia, Italy, Alghero is an ancient city surrounded by antique walls, it’s known for its cobblestoned centennial center. It has several Catalan Gothic buildings including the Cattedrale di Santa Maria, and its grandiose bell tower, the Palazzo Guillot and Chiesa di San Francesco, a 14th-century church.

There is also Chiesa San Michele with its beautifully coloured dome. In the modernity Alghero has The Museo del Corallo di Alghero exhibitin beutiful red coral displays.

Organizing Committee

University of StrasbourgLuisa De Cola and Guillermo Moreno

University of SassariLuca Malfatti and Plinio Innocenzi

Registation Fees

  • 250 € Students
  • 300 € PostDocs
  • 400 € Academic permanent staff
  • 500 € Corporate
  • All the SCI members have a 50 € reduction

Registration fees include:

  • Access to conference sessions
  • Welcome party
  • Coffee breaks
  • Wine and Cheese (Poster sessions)
  • Conference materials
  • Optional social dinner: 50 €


About Nano-Oligomed: The project

© Nano-OligoMed Consortium
© Nano-OligoMed Consortium

Marie Curie - RISE 2017 H2020: Hybrid Nanostructured Oligonucleotide Platforms for Biomedical Applications - Nano-OligoMed (778133)

Nanotechnology has received widespread attention in the last several decades due to the technological breakthroughs it has enabled across sectors from electronics to medicine. Towards the great challenges that nanotechnology arise, Nano-OligoMed has the ambition to establish and support a network of international collaboration, enabling a collaborative scientific team to effectively use a diversity of approaches and strategies to generate and test hybrid nanomaterials for the efficient and safe systemic delivery of oligonucleotide-based therapeutic agents.

To this end, we have set-up a joint multidisciplinary scientific collaborative programme that through exchange, international mobility, and strongly collaborative transfer of knowledge and training activities between 4 European and 3 extra-European countries, will bring together leading experts under the field of “nanomaterials in biomedicine”. The scientific aim of Nano-OligoMed is the creation of degradable hybrid structures that combine the rigid, inert silica with the delicate programmable oligonucleotides or artificial oligonucleotide-mimics. The possibility to develop novel oligonucleotide-based materials will enable a) the degradation of the drug carrier at the presence of a specific input as a function of the intrinsic bio-responsive feature of oligonucleotides, b) the activation of a therapeutic function as a result of the bio-molecular interaction between the oligonucleotide-based material and the molecular target (i.e. miRNAs) and c) the delivery of the chemical payload (DNA and/or artificial mimics, even in combination with cancer drugs) upon cell internalization.

The international academic networking, the broadening of the research skills, the educational activities, will provide to young (PhD students) and senior scientists, specific competences in the field of materials sciences, nanotechnology, molecular biology and molecular medicine.

About NANOMOL Technologies

NANOMOL Technologies S.L., born in UAB Research Park by the end of 2010, co-founded by researchers of NANOMOL research group of ICMAB and CIBER-BBN is a science and innovation driven company providing cutting edge solutions to process, structure and characterize, at micro and nanoscale, active molecules of pharma, biotech and cosmetic companies. Their mission is to generate revolutionary nanomedicines and drug delivery systems with outstanding therapeutic efficacy and patient’s compliance.

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