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Aliaga Alcalde

ICREA Research Professor.

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

Contact data:

Extension: 436243
Direct phone: 932557443
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department: FSI


My research research project divides in two main blocks: (i) “Design of 3d/4f Molecular Systems containing Curcuminoids” and (ii) "Study of the Magnetic Behavior of Paramagnetic Molecular Systems”. (i) The first subject focuses on the creation of multifunctional molecules that can be used as parts of molecular devices. My approach bases on the synthesis of molecular materials containing 3d/4f metals coordinated to organic groups (curcuminoids) that present inherent features

Research interest

The second project relates to the study of the magnetic behavior of paramagnetic species. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand of systems of small sizes with relevant magnetic properties (eg.: for memory devices). Here, paramagnetic molecules can provide interesting responses together with homogeneity and variability (eg.: SMMs).

University Degrees:

Chemistry, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona


Doctor, Indiana University (USA), 2003


Nanochemistry; Multifunctional systems Coordination Chemistry; Bioinorganics Molecular magnetism; Fluorescence; Nano-structuration

Most significative academic merits:

2003: Postdoc at the MPI für Bioanorganische Chemie, Germany
2005: Postdoc at the Leiden University, The Netherlands
2007: ICREA Researcher Junior at the Universitat of Barcelona, Spain
2012: ICREA Researcher Professor at the ICMAB-CSIC, Spain


Atomium Culture platform Finalist, Area of Chemistry

Scientific Highlights:

Díaz-Torres R, Menelaou M, Roubeau O, Sorrenti A, Brandariz-de Pedro G, Sañudo EC, Teat SJ, Fraxedas J, Ruiz E & Aliaga-Alcalde N 2016, 'Multiscale Study of Mononuclear CoII SMMs based on Curcuminoid Ligands',Chemical Science, vol. 7, pp 2793 - 2803.

Jassal AK, Aliaga-Alcalde N, Corbella M, Aravena D, Ruiz E and Hundal G 2015, 'Neodymium 1D systems: targeting new sources for field-induced slow magnetization relaxation',Dalton Transactions, 44, 36, 15774 - 15778.

Mal SK, Mitra M, Biswas B, Kaur G, Bag PP, Reddy CM, Choudhury AR, Aliaga-Alcalde N & Ghosh R 2015, 'Ligand template synthesis of an undecametallic iron(III) complex: X-ray structure, magnetism and catecholase activity',Inorganica Chimica Acta, vol. 425, , pp 61-66.