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Anna Roig, 2017 Albus Grifols Award for an albumin-related research project

Anna Roig has been awarded with the Albus Award 2017, one of the Scientific Awards offered by Grifols, the pharmaceutical and chemical multinational company. The Award consists of 50,000 € to carry out the project "Albumin-iron oxide nanocages"

21 July 2017

The Albus Program is an annual international award focused on innovative ideas related to albumin and its role as a therapeutic product. Proposals should seek to develop novel concepts on albumin research, encourage discovery of beneficial albumin applications and further investigate mechanisms of action or clinical effects in different indications.

Albumin is a globular protein, the most common one being serum albumin, which is the main protein of human blood plasma. The proposals for the Albus Program may include, but are not limited to, research related to this protein: efficacy, mechanism of action, safety and tolerability, quality of life and pharmacoeconomics. 

The Program offers two awards of 50,000 € each year. The proposals are assessed by an independent review committee formed by world-wide recognized experts

Anna's "Albumin-iron oxide nanocages" project gets inspiration from the apoferritin nanoconstructs. It aims to investigate if albumin nanocages, consisting of a few units of albumin self-assembled and self-standing, can be formed by using inorganic iron oxide nanoparticles as semi-sacrificial templates. The albumin nanocages could then find application as a nanomedicinal product for imaging and drug delivery.

The winners will be given their Awards at the Ceremony that will take place on October 3rd, 2017 in Barcelona.

About Grifols Scientic Awards: Grifols' commitment to the research community is embodied in Grifols Scientific Awards. Over the years, Grifols has established various awards that promote and recognize research in areas related to their core business of plasma-derived proteins: albumin, alpha-1 antitrypsin, hemostasis, antithrombin and immunoglobulin. 


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