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Nanostructured Electroactive Materials with Large Charge Capacity: Direct Field Electrostimulation through Connected and Non-connected Electrodes
Ann M. Rajnicek, Cristina Suñol and Nieves Casan-Pastor* 
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-81400-7_5
Chapter 5 (pages 99-125) in “Engineering Biomaterials for Neural Applications. Targeting traumatic Brain and spinal cord Injuries”.     Ed. Lopez-Dolado, Serrano MC, Springer Nature. In press. 11/04/2022 release. Online available , Online: ISBN978-3-030-81400-7. Print ISBN978-3-030-81399-4
311 pages
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book cover advances catalaysis boron
Editors: Montserrat Diéguez (URV) and Rosario Núñez (ICMAB)
Volume 71, Pages 2-324 (2022)
Chapter 1: Advances in the Catalytic and Photocatalytic Behavior of Carborane Derived Metal Complexes, by Francesc Teixidor, Clara Viñas, José Giner Planas, Isabel Romero and Rosario Núñez