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Carlos García y Pedro L-Aranguren: European Hopefuls for Innovation Contest 2010

2014-02-27 14-16-25

The R&D project "ModifyIt!" presented by the team formed by Dr. Carlos A. García-González and Pedro López-Aranguren Oliver, young researchers from ICMAB-CSIC, was selected as one of the 25 most talented of Europe in the 8th edition of the “European Hopefuls for Innovation contest” of 2010 ( sponsored by the European Commission.

Mar 11, 2010

The objective of this contest is to reward new and challenging R&D projects showing creative and innovative ideas.

The topic of “ModifyIt!” project was inspired on the PhD thesis in Chemical Process Engineering of Carlos García-González, and on the on-going research of Pedro López-Aranguren Oliver in order to obtain his PhD degree in Materials Science, under the supervision of Dr. Concepción Domingo and Dr. Lourdes Vega. The project presented a novel technology using supercritical fluids for the tailor-made surface modification of nanostructured hybrid materials. The surface coverage degree (partial coating, monolayer or multilayer deposition) can be achieved by means of the control of the process parameters. This technology, regarded as clean and sustainable, can be applied in different fields ranging from health care products (e.g., sunscreens) to energetic purposes (e.g., CO2 capture).

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