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Celebrating 11F-8M 2024 at ICMAB

The Gender Equality and Diversity Commission at ICMAB has organized a varied agenda to celebrate both the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and the International Women's Day.

12 February 2024

There is still an underrepresentation of women in the scientific and technological fields. Women are underrepresented in terms of employment as scientists or technicians, suffer from worse working conditions and represent too small a fraction among inventors and creators of technology-based companies.

It is estimated that only 7% of 15-year-old girls want to dedicate themselves to scientific or technical professions, a percentage that triplicates in the case of boys. So, despite the achievements make in recent decades, we cannot ignore the challenges that still exist, such as the leaking pipe, the glass ceiling, employment inequalities and harassment.

The Gender Equality and Diversity Comission of ICMAB (CIGiD-ICMAB) is strongly committed to raising awareness of existing inequalities, and also to publicizing the work of  women science and related supporting professions. That is why the CIGiD-ICMAB has prepared a varied agenda of events between 11F, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and 8M, International Women's Day. These events include an activity to name the women who work at ICMAB, arranged in a periodic table format, and several seminars and debate meetings. We have also labeled many ICMAB spaces with the name of great women scientists.


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