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Celebrating ICMAB’s 38th birthday!

On the 12th of April 2024 we celebrated ICMAB’s 38th birthday.

We kicked off the morning with a talk given by Dr. Xavier Obradors, entitled L’ICMAB com a centre de recerca de Catalunya: una aproximació històrica. It was about the evolution of ICMAB in historical and scientifical terms, situating the institution in its natural ecosystem: the Catalan research (video coming soon).

After that, we had a glass of cava and something to eat to celebrate the occasion at ICMAB’s garden. We also celebrated the recent provisional grant of the Severo Ochoa accreditation.

The occasion brought together some of the founding researchers of ICMAB. In the picture below we can see, from left to right Prof.Benjamín Martínez, Prof. Clara Viñas, Prof. Francesc Teixidor, Prof. Jaume Veciana, Prof. Xavier Obradors, Prof. Jordi Rius, Prof. Elíes Molins, Prof. Concepció Rovira and Joan Figuerola, who wereresearchers and students at that time.


LINK TO DR. OBRADORS TALK: Xavier Obradors Lecture: "L’ICMAB com a centre de recerca de Catalunya: una aproximació històrica" (


They were afterwards joined by Dr. David Amabilino, Director de l’ICMAB, Dra. Rosario Nuñez, Dra. Lourdes Fàbrega (Vicedirectora de l’ICMAB) and Dra. Nora Ventosa.


Finally, we leve you with some more pictures of that day!















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