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CIBER-ONC/CIBER-BBN grant for an ICMAB project on cancer immunotherapy: ALYCIA

ICMAB is the recipient of one of the three collaborative seed projects of a new funding programme launched by CIBER-ONC and CIBER-BBN networks from Carlos III Health Institute. The program funds innovative projects in the areas of bioengineering, biomaterials and nanomedicine, which aim to respond to a clinical oncological need.

23 April 2018

The presentation of the grants took place on April 13, 2018 during the 1st CIBERONC – CIBER-BBN Collaborative Projects Forum at the Carlos III Health Institute (Madrid). During the forum, 12 proposals for collaborative projects were presented, encompassed in four thematic sessions: new nano-devices, new strategies for 3D culture, phototherapy and drug release.

A common objective of the awarded projects is to enhance scientific interdisciplinary collaborations between research groups working on oncology and nanomedicine belonging to the CIBER-ONCO and CIBER-BBN. Each awarded seed project will receive 30,000 € of funding to carry out preliminary experiments, in order to be more competitive in larger further project calls. 

Artificial lymph nodes for cancer immunotherapy (ALYCIA)

In particular, the awarded proposal, named ALYCIA, is addressed to develop and test artificial lymph nodes for its application to cancer immunotherapy. It is expected that the results of ALYCIA project will contribute to the implementation of immunotherapies for fighting cancer diseases. The IPs of this project are Dr. Judith Guasch and Dr. Imma Ratera, from ICMAB (CSIC)/CIBER-BBN (NANOMOL group at ICMAB), who will work together with Dr. Cristina Bernardo, from Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO)/CIBER-ONC.

This project offers the possibility of studying the role of immune cells with a more efficient system for obtaining T cells, controlling the possible immune response that can be generated by inoculating artificial lymph nodes. It is an innovative project, with great potential and many expectations, which are expected to be achieved thanks to the good interrelation between the two collaborating groups. 

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