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Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor, co-authors of the "Handbook of Boron Science"

Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor, from the Inorganic Materials and Catalysis Book, have written Chapter 5 of Volume 1 of the "Handbook of Boron Science". The chapter is entitled: "Halogenated Icosahedral Carboranes: A Platform for Remarkable Applications". The handbook counts with 4 volumes, the first one being "Boron in Organometallic Chemistry". The handbook is edited by Narayan S Hosmane (Northern Illinois University, USA) andRobert Eagling.

Jul 5, 2019

Image result for Handbook of Boron ScienceHandbook of Boron Science

With Applications in Organometallics, Catalysis, Materials and Medicine
Volume 1: Boron in Organometallic Chemistry
Volume 2: Boron in Catalysis
Volume 3: Boron in Materials Chemistry
Volume 4: Boron in Medicine

Handbook of Boron Science bring together an array of internationally renowned scientists to discuss the very latest developments in the application of boron in a broad range of disciplines. This multi-reference work describes the topic by appointing leading researchers to write on current developments in boron science, showcasing its importance to the four separate areas described in each volume: Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis, Materials Chemistry and Medicine.

Written to cover the full range of applications and innovations in boron science, this all-encompassing work offers us a one-stop reference compiled by world-leading researchers and practitioners of the subject, making it perfect for undergraduate and graduate students of chemistry, and researchers and practitioners interested in their professional development.

Volume 1 - Chapter 5: Halogenated Icosahedral Carboranes: A Platform for Remarkable Applications

Written by Francesc Teixidor and Clara Viñas. The following sections are included in the chapter:

  • Introduction
  • Icosahedral Carboranes
  • Applications
  • Conclusions and Outlook
  • Acknowledgments
  • References

More information: https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/q0130

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