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Clúster MAV, 9 OCT 2019: Nanotechnology Day: Success Stories + NanoHUB Presentation

October 9, 2019, is the World Nanotechnology Day. The working group on "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology" of the Advanced Materials Cluster (Clúster de Materials Avançats de Catalunya) has decided to present on that day the platform NanoHUB.cat. The LEITAT will host the event, which will take place from 9 am to 12:30 pm. 

01 October 2019

The nanoHUB website is created with the objective to offer services and capacities to companies and institutions of the ClústerMAV to the market, as well as to share instrumentation and infrastructures. During the event, several success stories of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies that have been introduced in the market will be presented. 

Valentina Roxana Vlad, from Oxolutia, and Lídia Ferrer, from Nanomol Technologies, will present some of their projects. Oxolutia and Nanomol Technologies are the two spin offs of the ICMAB, created in 2010.               

Jornada de Nanotecnologia: Casos d'èxit + Presentació NanoHUB

Data: 9 d’octubre de 2019
Lloc: Leitat Technological Center (LEITAT), Barcelona
Horari: 9.00h a 12.30h

Register here: https://clustermav.com/events/jornada-de-nanotecnologia-casos-dexit/


9.00h - 9.10h: Benvinguda del Clúster de Materials Avançats de Catalunya

9.10h – 9.30h: “Nanofibres per a filtres de piscina“
Gregory Travaille de l'empresa FLUIDRA mitjançant Leitat Technologies

9.30h – 9.50h: “Com convertir un film de 60 micres en un calefactor“
Antonio Onteniente, CEO d’Advanced Nanotechnologies

9.50h – 10.10h: “R+D of PVD nanocomposite targets followed by sales”
Dra. Valentina Roxana Vlad, Product Manager d’OXOLUTIA

10.10h – 10.30h: “Casos d'èxit de transferència tecnològica en materials “
Jordi Reverter, IP i Technology Transfer de l’ICN2

10.30h – 10.50h:  “Planta pilot per a la producció de nanofibres de cel·lulosa: reptes i oportunitats"
Marc Delgado, Investigador i Professor de la Universitat de Girona

10.50h – 11.10h: "Reformulació de proteïnes pel tractament d’úlceres complexes"
Lídia Ferrer, Technical Manager de Nanomol Technologies 

11.10h – 11.30h: Coffee Break Networking

11.30h – 12.30h: Presentació NanoHUB.cat


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